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Really great game!!! :)

Really GREAT game :) good work!!

Really fun game :)

Such a great game Mike! You're one of the best on this website. Love all your work

So excited this game was finally released. LOVED it!! Great work man :)

Loved the game. Preferred the happier ending :)

The jumpscares were ridiculous in this game 😭😭 great work!! would love to see a full version of it 👏

Great great game. Loved it.

Really great game. Good follow up from Insomnis :) 10/10 great work!!

Loved this game!! The playful art style and story caught me off guard. Great work :) 10/10

GREAT GREAT game. Super spooky and eerie. Definitely following to check in on more of your work. 10/10

Each update keeps getting better and better. Seriously... great work man. Can't wait for the full release!!!

Such a dark and intriguing game!! Can't wait for the full release. Following for more. Great work Tim!! 

Such a fun experience. Love your work!! Looking forward to more of your games <3

Such a fun experience. Love your work <3

Really great game :) Loved the simplicity and the story. Great work!! 10/10

Really interesting game!! Great atmosphere and jumpscares. Very much looking forward to the progression of the story in the full release!  

Very beautiful game. Really appreciate how well you handled some sensitive/heavy topics. Great great work. 10/10

BEST JUMPSCARES EVER. Loved the atmosphere. Great work :)

This was one of the better stories I've seen in a horror game. Seriously great great work. Caught me so off guard!

SUCH A GREAT GAME. Loved all the other episodes. This one was the best so far. 10/10 great work m8

Such a simple yet creepy game. Loved it!! :)

This was the craziest game I've played. Crazy game mechanics, graphics, JUMPSCARES.. great work. Can't wait for more! 

Such a GREAT game!! Loved it a ton. 10/10

really cool game :) had a lot of fun playing it!! so many outcomes. 10/10!

Great game :)

Such a great game. Every game I've played from you has been awesome! Can't wait for more

Really cool game!! Loved how subtle it is with the build up.. but the jumpscares are actually REALLY good. Great work!
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really cool game!! loved the art style. 10/10!! <3

really fun and interesting game! Loved how subtle it was with it's horror as well as the overall cuteness. 10/10 game !!

great game!! loved every moment of it

Really great game :) Loved the art style and its simplicity. Story was great too! 10/10

Really creepy game! I loved the story a ton. Didn't see it going the way it did.. but 10/10. Nice work!! 

Really enjoyed your game :) have a big fear of the ocean and I could say confidently that this didn't help lol BUT great work!!

Really enjoyed this game!! A lot deeper and darker than I thought it would be. Great great work. 10/10. Definitely following after this one!

Loved this game!! Really wished it was longer because I was enjoying the story and where it was headed. But it was great! 10/10 will be following from now on!
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such a great great game. didn't expect the story to take the turn it did.. but holy hell was it a great one. amazing work!! definitely following going forward 

Great game. You somehow topped your the 71 Incident. Can't wait for more of your work <3 

Really cool game! Loved the horror aspect of the story. Great work :)

This game was amazing. I swear the jumpscare KILLED me. Great work :)