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Just Completed the Game, man it was AWESOME!!! I like the endings!! good ending was so coool but feel sad for the Secxxxxx ( u knw who ) lol...
Completely worth the time playing this! :D   \{^V^}b

Ohhhh I got only 2..

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Thankyou For the game its nice!!

Aweeeeeesome game...

posting some ingame clips would attract people to download your game mate!

i will try the game tho :)

Oh thanks!!

cool project! but there is this minor bug....when u press jump and attack at the same time then they get looped and wont stop until you leave any button

also can i get the source code please your template is awesome i want to learn the mechanism.

thank you!

does this only work in gamer maker studio only...? 

cuz i am using godot and want to know if this works in it...

did u do the coding using godot