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Is the plugin compatible with Hud Maker?
Would interest me :D

Just read the description, the link is in there ^^

I rather think that the fact that the game is no longer available is meant here...
Adobe Flashplayer is no longer supported and thus all Flash games are no longer available :(

I have a problem with this plugin.
Basically it works wonderfully, but when I deploy the game with "Deployment" and now start the game the cursors are loaded only after an error message :(

It's okay that this is repeated. It just looks funny :3

In the Galv plugin, the zoom is permanent. However, it works there even less xD
Whereas in MV I use the Glav plugin for Zoom and there it works :O

Hopefully it will work out the way I would like it to ^^

Thanks, looking forward to it! :D

Okay, looking forward to the update :D

By the way, I discovered the error. That it falters was not the plugin, but how the event was moved.
Now it fits, but the zoom is unfortunately not centered :(
And what I also noticed, if you zoom in and then go into the menu, then leave this again, the zoom is gone and executes again.
Looks a little strange ^^

Oh, and one more thing. I forgot, if I use "0" for "This Event" I get an error.
"Cannot read property 'screenX' of undefined"

Okay, that solves the problem with the display. Thanks already for that :D

Now for my 2nd problem, which probably came with the solution.
When you start the game, only the tile on which the hero is standing is revealed.

Only after the hero makes a move, the surrounding one is revealed.

Of course, it may well be that I just set something wrong :)

Yes, something like that.

I have attached two pictures. One shows your MZ plugin and the other is the old build of my game. The game was made with the MV.

In both cases I use the coordinates of the hero.

I execute an event with a parallel process and this creates a kind of "loop". While the event specific things are executed over and over again and so the camera follows the hero, the screen query is executed only once, while the event remains the same.

What I also noticed is that when the camera follows the event, the whole thing falters a bit.

Here are two gif's for comparison. The event is the same in both variants, only the plugins are different. In the MZ yours and in the MV another.

Is it possible to add a setting to "Zoom in events, players, or followers" to adjust the coordinates a bit?

The "Zoom in a screen position" is not executed permanently, only once unfortunately and that in a parallel process :/
I would like to use the position from the hero, but not so high.

What do I have to do so that the "Range" does not always reveal 2 tiles?
I want only 1 tile to be revealed in front of the hero at a time.

I would be very happy about that, thank you :D

Hey, thanks for the plugin :)

Got a question, would it be possible to change the layers with plugin commands or script calls?

I have the problem that I have to show the fog "above" the pictures because of a scene, but my "additional menu" is also based on pictures. So the fog is now over the menu :(

Looking forward to an answer :)

Thanks for your interest!

I don't know when the English version will be released.
I'm working on other projects right now.
But I got somebody to take care of it and maybe we can even expect a release soon.

But I don't make any promises.