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excellent ! love it. No windows built to keep on my usb stick ?

stuck in the second level ! but like the simplistic but clever gameplay :)

like it very much :) but control are a bit off for me because they didn't register properly unfortunately.But i really like the blocky style minimalist!

Cool :)

cool simple little puzzle game that need to get used to the scheme of control.Like it so far would love to have a windows built to keep it on my usb stick.

character's voice ?

excellent level design ! frenetic and you blame yourself not the " ! music give motivation a a pinch of stress what can i say more ? GREAAAT Game with only one button and a windows build to put on my collection of best games !!!

woua just made 3 levels  like it so far.The pace of the game is perfect for me and i love game with simple but nice design that let the the gameplay to be put in the first place:) But why always people use mouse in the menu for a game that doesn't use the mouse? if not you cant put games you like in a nice frontend controlled by a joypad for your collection like I'm doing for my gpd win to play on the go :) I love to play games like lemmings using a mouse and so to have a menu controlled by a mouse....

well...on my laptop nothing happen when I press enter after the character appear....

a nice puzzle platformer but you have to get used to the differents scheme of controls of all cats.Why to use the mouse in the beginning in the menu ? if not looks like a console controls game scheme.

Great and thanks :) hate to have to be online to play games....

oh no windows sad...

not possible to have a windows bult ?

thanks for your answer. Hope it will be still possible!

like the pace  :) would like as usual a small windows build to play anywhere wihtout internet.

oh no ! as lemmings says....No windows keep everywhere and forever :(

thks for letting me know :)  Never heard about phaser before but looks like more people are using now web framework a lot...I'm oldfashioned guy that need an exe....

thanks but I don't understand how...

cool puzzle game remind me of deflector on my amig/atari windows exe ?

nice fast game with single screen platform puzzle with a cool music that is a bit tense :) You need to get used to the control to enjoy better this nice game :) no windows build planed ?

wouah its though to switch between the command and not being required good timing and dissociation. No windows build ????

one day maybe your games will have a windows built to stay forever in my usb stick best games....

waoh ! just load the game and its just amazing ! the atmopheric audio is great the controls spot on and live the simplistic but clear pixelated style. I want a windows build to add on my games best collection !

great game as soon as it starts ! music is very entertaining gameplay simple and effficient, a pure "bonheur"to play ! just lacking a windows build for people like me that dosen't like to be connected....

Thanks :) I'm Waiting !

oh no ! (like lemmings says !) I want a windows build please !

thanks for programming the game and still working on it ! hope we can have also a windows build later :) 

nice game but why is it so sloow on my computer that is not low end ??? no windows built ?

cool concept :) simple and fun. No windows build to keep it on my usb stick ?

so cool ! reminds me a bit of hanoi tower with tetris :) would love to have a windows build as usual....(love to keep the games I like on my usb stick)

simple and addictive.It's slowind down from time to time but like it.Few sounds will add a bit more atmospheric fun I suppose but I'm not a game developer just a guy who like puzzle platformer a lot !

a ma zing ! a shame there is no windows build to put on my selected games USB stick....

Yes I tried to let my windows open and after 5 minutes was able to test it ! love it ! But I love to play all my selected games alwas on my usb stick....

Why no windows build to enjoy this on the go... Arghhhhh!!! where I live know internet is sluggish....

Hope you will have time to improve all this :) 

Star Raid community · Created a new topic Nice lowres game

with a little more speed and music+sfx could be a total simple blast! like it so far:)

cool concept I would have love more pixelated art that will fit better the soundtrack ! and no windows download ? Why !!!! can't play anywhere :(

like it but so sloowww... no way to have a windows build to play on the go ?

sokoban for ever with a twist:) let's twist ! and a windows build is always a plus to play anywhere :)

great game :) play on android but would love a windows donload to play on the go....