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Waoh thanks a lot :) Was charmed by the game. Its so great to find games with simple concept and art that are delightful to play:)

very nice game.Love the art the pace and the little music:) just a bit slow .Would love to have an exe instead of browser

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Like it so far :) The pace, the controls , the music are just great.Only things I don't like is  no windows download because I liked to play all my game without being connected....Crash at level 16 so have to start from level 01

Cool :) waiting for the update ! 

Nice atmospheric game :) Thks :)

basic gameplay basic graphics but I enjoyed.I don't like using the mouse to navigate on the menu. Would have been nice just to use keyboard or gamepad

Loop community · Created a new topic Nice simple graphics
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with a good and simple gameplay.I'm already blocked in the 3rd level !(was thinking we have to connect all the parts into one)

Oh I didn't realised it was procedural levels !

very nice atmospheric cave shooter.Despite the fact I would prefer an xbox control style (don't like the mouse to play) I have to say the control are good.Remindsme of panzer dragon in a way :)

euh...where is the link to the demo ?