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did not go through all the game yet but enjoy all the simplicity of it :) a single music that keep you alert, bacic and simple control and a good challenge because of level design :)

Thanks for the reply :) Browser game are nice but  I'm too old fashioned keeping my games on usb stick .Anyway looking for your next game:)

very nice innovative puzzle game :) just played 3 levels and love it :)

simple concept with nice gameplay :) never get bored of sokoban style game ! No windows built to keep in my skoban like collection ?

If you can I'm glad because I love to play on the go without internet neither browser....

well its really like no others games in a certain way...great to enjoy new mechanics that doesn't remenber me other games :) Still I have problem to decode the gameplay..maybe because it's too late...Anyway great game :)

oki doki :) so i got to the end with the "good"ending ! Again I enjoy a lot to play this little gem :)

waouh ! began and couldn't stop to play till I finished it :) But it doesn't look like it's and exciting ending ??? The cabin flew ??? love everything from the concept to the style the music and the puzzle :) I have to say I have to look at the hint in the comment because I didnt see clearly the chimmey and the small windows onto them. After was a relief ! Thanks for this nice sweet brainteaser :)

Thks for the differents builds :) in the middle but its getting harder and harder ! A level editor will means infinite pleasure !

i stop collecting hardware du to my way of life travelling too much....Now  unfortunately I have to use emulation only...

thanks a lot for the reply and I hope you will find time for a windows build :)

got to level 6 and grat fun with nice atmospheric music ! love sokoban style games :) just a windows built will be nice to keep this nice little ganme on my usb stick :)

very cute gameboy style game :) would love to have a windows built

relaxing game :) no windows build ?

waouh thanks for the built. Cool game :) got to the final boss. Place for a lot of improvement about enemies but just like this was an enjoyable experience. No real challenge because too easy but fun to play :) like the music also:)

never own a jag but man this looks nice and I love cave flyer games :)

Thanks :) much smoother :) got to level 4 and its becoming hard :)

nice cute little game with charming simplistic graphics but a bit slow. Easy to control with keyboard :) No windows built ?

Great thanks !

love picross games :) No way to enjoy a windows build ?

game doesn't start for me neither :( No windows build ?

really cute and fun game :) No windows build ?

like the atmosphere but a bit too slow....maybe we should know something about the end ??? not use to use discord...

Thanks for the reply. Waiting for voting end :)

a windows built please !

yes it would to play anywhere where no internet :

cool relaxing music and with simple commands and gameplay and challenging enough to really enjoy this game. Bravo !

thks for the news :) 

fast frantic but give me headache with the scrolling:( but like it :)

So cool :) always a way to create new gpdd games with knoledge and imagination ! No windows build to enjoy on the go on my pc?

thks for the hint but sounds complicated for a guy like me :(

is this game only html5 ? no way to have a windows build? very slow on my computer...

thanks to let me know about this :)

a windows build please !!!

Being a fan of this game I have to say I enjoy playing your version:) easy to begin and good gameplay and atmosphere with good sound.But....sniff....where is the windows built to keep on my usb stick?

fun to play, nice art nice musik, control need a bit of time to get used to. a bit slow on my computer(opera browser) a windows built will be maybe a good option:)

just play 5 minutes and like it very much ! art style gameplay and level design is quite nice :) Would be nice to have a windows built to play anywhere on my usb stick:)

got it and after stuck on level 3 :( i managed from time to time to mix blue and yellow but didn't get the logic...Anyway hard to leave this cute game ! with some basic sound maybe even harder to stop playing!

thanks a lot :)

excellent ! love it. No windows built to keep on my usb stick ?