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if i already have eatvolve is this 3$ verson the only 100% updarted version??

thank you for the reply. i look forward t it. also if your looking for a composer i may have someone of interest

are there still updates coming to this game??

hey, great game been coming back here and there but i think in your next update you may want to edit your map formula.
i get stuck alot. sometimes there are areas that are just out of reach, with the proper resource walking right over it. or where you get to the "edge" of the map and you can get back to the rest. and i think you may want to add a light tutorial. i just found the evolve menu for the first time.
and some of your options are unclear

hello, played your game. 
i love the concept and the gameplay.  has nicce colors and animations.
my only problems with this is you 100% need a tutorial. it took me about 4 tries to understand how towers worked, and how resources were used between.  you may also consider changing the towers to  "resource per second" format. the current format works ok, execpt it doesnt feel consistant. as your resources are gone just as fast as you place them. also maybe adding some quality of life features like pause & fast forward.

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does this support controoler support? (xbox or ds windows?)via usb?

also great game.  my only problem is i wish the gun mods distingquished themselvs more while shooting. everything feels very simular.

also there is little to no spread on the shotgun muzzle (not sure if that was intended)

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sorry to hear about the project team breaking up
but i think this could be really great if you open a patreon and get 1 or 2 people to help add more to the game

i just played its actually REALLLY GOOOD like i would buy this.  

hello, i played your "project" and it was pretty nice. loved the music, and the colors.
but you could turn this into a really fun game if you added a few things. like being able to eat/kill other animals and a point system where you can put points into specific body parts to "evolve". 

no problem, but really thank you for the game!

there is a pc zip and mac zip but thru the actual browser its "unavailable for windows"