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You'll need to use the environment to find the last perspective. The clue is in the puzzle's play area.

Ah, i see what you're saying. I've tried to mitigate that as much as possible but there is still some there. 
What do you mean by do not bury ahead of time?

Why isn't using a notebook, drawn post processing effect good for 3d design? i know that you loose some of the visual clarity in the distance, but other than that it would seem to me that so long as the decision fits the style of the game, it's something you could do. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And yeah :P it's interesting that two games are using a similar art style in this game jam. Not much i can do about that. RIP

haha. :) You're the first one to mention that. I wanted to give people a bit of a surprise if they were accustomed to every barrel being the same.