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Mr. Perfection

A member registered Apr 11, 2017

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They'd need to be a masochist.

Yeah, having a download option without having to poke around the website's code to search for it would be nice.

I just wanted to ask: Is there a bonus for completing the game without continuing?

Also, about people saying the boss needs a health bar: I don't fully agree, as the phases don't really last long enough individually, but one idea is have the bosses expression change with the "damage" she's taken. It could be as simple as her cheeks getting more and more red the closer she is to the end.

Yeah, that would be great, with her face slowly twisting in pleasure as you wear her down.

I actually managed to complete it, I think. I reached the credits, anyway. That was interesting. I saw this on Alpha Beta Gamer, and wanted to try it for myself.

One question: How are you supposed to quit the game? At the credits, I hit esc, and couldn't answer true. Or am I missing part of the game still?