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It's 4 am right now. I was sucked into a rabbit hole looking at your games and those comic thingies and I just wanna tell you I loved every second of it.

The disturbing yet ethereal nature of them is something strait out of a dream of mine. I guess I see a lot of myself in your work.
Sometimes I feel as if the reason I'm in this earth is to create. Not necessarily for other people but for the purpose of creation. I guess It's a way to escape our world, or feel as if I'm accomplishing something. Maybe...

Everyday I escape my reality, I can wander around infinite empty worlds built for me.
They appear in my dreams too. If only I could drift off to sleep and forever dream of these empty worlds.
I just can't seem to create. I never finish anything, never follow through.
I admire your persistence and determination. making all this stuff must be really hard.
Good night, sweet dreams. <3