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Great Game! If you wanted to improve on this, or work on this further, I'd suggest that you either have all the blocks available at once, so you can see whats coming up, or have the order the blocks show up in not be random, as sometimes it does make the puzzle impossible! A Fun jaunt, with good music.

Great Game! I love the idea of having the music get louder the closer you are to the buttons!

Also if you need a team, discuss finding them here, or over on our discord!

Just an update message for those who don't get updated when they see the jam's main page, go there for further info!

Musical Genre Jam community · Created a new topic Socials

If you have a discord or twitter, why not join us on our socials!
*You do not have to join these but it would certainly be nice, as you can ask for help or help others, and join the community!

Fun game! had to mess around with the installation to actually get it going but yes, nice job


I love the grabbing objects mechanic, the movement feels great, and that enemy in the end was challenging but not "so difficult that I hate playing the game"! Great job. Some advice if you wanted to continue this would be:

Cut some of the more obvious ties with little nightmares- such as the TV guy; make grabbable objects look different from the unmovable ones (like, different coloration); and definitely add sounds!

P.S; did you learn inverse kinematics for the enemy? cause if so that looked and worked fantastically!

🤦figured out what it was-- I was running it on my :D drive which is external so it can't run games that well, sorry if that stressed you out! haha

Is anyone else unable to run this game? Like I can start it but it immediately crashes like halfway through the opening cutscene-- this looks really cool but I can't figure out how to get it running or if I can get it running

Really great art! To be honest though not sure what to do in the game, I did the puzzle but nothing really happened, once again amazing art but some more direction in this Stanley-parable type thing would be nice

Really good game, got a failure at the end that I don't I should have-- so that been a bug. The art is stunning for being made within 48 hours and the music is a bop;. Overall a great game, not sure if I'd play an extended version; but it would be nice to expand upon this, maybe add other things you can do.

Please take this somewhere!

Amazing game, it's really fun, there is a little bit a difficulty spike near the beginning, but it's good allthroughout!

Nice work! Definitely a fun game, even with its simple mechanics I found myself having a lot of fun, the music is a bit loud however, but this is definitely a game that I'd like to see expanded upon if you have the time

This game has potential, however there a quite a few things that I didn't enjoy which I will try to express as constructive criticism.

Please remove the level that you go to if you die, or if you need to keep it, please make it brighter, I don't know if it was just me, but I had a really hard time seeing the level, and at the end before the goal I really did not like the fact that there a was a roof stopping me on that final jump. The story's alright, and to give you credit there were no bugs I found, so while it was a clean game, I think it could use some work. Good work and good luck on the next one!

Really great game! I loved the art & the music, however the code could use some touching-up; I ran into a problem where sometimes normal eggs would kill me; also if you are going to update this, please make spacebar the jump button, or have it be an alternate for one, also if possible; maybe have us aim the gun with the mouse? Still really fun game, really good art and music

Good work, I would suggest for your next time with a project like this; that you maybe give some more direction as to what the main mechanic is, I got stuck at the half-way grey thingy near the end? of the level, I like the gravity swap thing for jumping; but I think it could be explored more. There's alot of potential, but as it stands, it could use some work.

Cool Looking Game! Also fun to play: bit confused on how it relates to the theme but it is certainly fun!

Very fun yet stressful!

You might want to put screenshots up my guy, this looks sketchy

The Web version doesn't load due to Unity 2020.1 having a compression error, if you would like to fix this,  change project settings for Webgl to no compression.  However don't do what I did and try to replace it now, instead post a link to either another itch page or a page

Hope this helps! :)

Bug is fixed :)

It's Fixed if you're looking to enjoy the rest of the game!

Thank you!

Please Upvote, I don't want to lose a week of work.

So I had this WEBGL error that came with my game and I was looking to fix it, so when I went to replace the files it let me delete them, but not upload the fixed ones. Now my game has Zero Files which means the week of blood sweat and tears I put into this game are just gone from the public. For those who want to play it