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This gave me inspiration to make more games, I again want to thank you for playing my game, I hope I make something more than a crappy jumpscare sound.

Thanks for playing my game (even though it's poop. There is a better version tho). I couldn't comment on the video because stupid me has forgotten the password to his youtube account.

This engine is fairly new, I mean the version 1.0 of the engine came here recently through years of development. The camera turning thing, i used the left and right turning the camera cuz even though there is an option to have a Free Camera, I cannot find how to change the sensitivity inside the engine.

Thanks for pointing the mispronunciation, i may have overlooked it during development and i will patch it ASAP.

Im sorry if the same name is used for another game, i couldnt find a better title for my game.

There no graphics because I have a potato PC, and adding Graphics would make the engine laggy for me. it would be difficult to do things with the lag.

you're welcome

Very hard but great game :), also my yt is OsmanProHD