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Perfect. Thanks.

Thanks very much for your kind reassurance. I downloaded it on Steam instead.  Can you suggest any You Tube videos or help  files so I can see how to play the game ? Thanks.

Thanks very much for your kind reassurance.

From my previous experience , I am reluctant to download anything unless there are checkpoints (savepoints). Are there for this game please ?

Hitting the  left and right arrows by mistake closes the game down  on a Mac if I am going up or down which is quite annoying !

I agree !

I have the same problem with a Mac build .

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There is a graphics problem on my Mac because The Bird  looks like a blue blob . Any suggestions please ? Other than that looks a beautiful game. I just discovered this was a Yosemite issue and for High Sierra it is fine.

Thank you. Sorry I did not realize it was so short.

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Liked the game  very much but the game seems unplayable because it does not save ! When I quit it just sends me back to the beginning. Amazing if only it would save ! I just read below  that it does not save which just makes it unplayable. I wouldn't have paid the 9.99 if I had known that !