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Haha, great nostalgic throwback and parody. Loved the introductory scene.

This is a neat little game. I love the feel and atmosphere that it gives off as well as it's art style. The randomization and multiple endings are a nice feature. Awesome that this game also included so many members from the indie community in it's development and credits.

Boy am I excited to see more development completed on this game.

For a start, as a one man project, you have a very solid demo. The visuals of the game and the atmosphere that you have already established are very well done. However, I did run into a few bugs (which were shown in the video pinned below). One instance in particular, the first monster encounter I had with one of the patients in the housing area after entering the elevator, the patient ran at me and my machete just did not seem to hit him when I was standing merely two inches away from him.

Other than that, I had a blast during the thirty minutes I had with the game.

This was a real adventure. I love how the story-craft weaved this game into a good play. The voice acting was a very nice touch.

Check out my gameplay below if you have some time, I did a full playthrough:

This was a pretty cool, short horror game with a rather creepy mannequin problem. Overall, I enjoyed my little bit with it for what it was. Check out my video below if you wish, I would very much appreciate it.