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Can't wait :D

I was so immersed into the demo when it ended I was yelling out "WHAT?!" it went by so quick. It was amazing I love the characters and I love their personalities it made me laugh a few times. I can't wait to play the full release certainly won my money. The art is beautiful I LOVE LOVE the designs I can't wait. :DD

Also the moment I had to choose between the three of them I sat there arguing with myself on who to choose for a whole 2 minutes XD 

OOOO I can't wait :D

Just finished playing the demo and I freaking LOVE IT AH. The story is interesting and the game got me hooked already. I really wanna keep playing it and find out more. I am definitely buying it once its released. And the voice acting in this is awesome it certainly suits the characters looks. I was smiling when Fawn was speaking that boy is so cute and Leo s is certainly cheeky I cant wait to meet Cyne as well and I certainly cant wait to play more.