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It would be lovely to reconsider battle rewards: e.g if I chose to add a dice and I like none of them, I should be able to decline (maybe even chose the other option, but that is extra). It would make the game easier, so some rebalancing might be required.

Other than that, I give it a perfect 5/7.

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Gets uncontrollable really fast - can be quite relaxing however after a few blue orbit stars, the mouse controls get wonky and unusable. I got to the point of around 25 moon sapphire (orbit) stars, and the game chugged really slow. Anyway, somehow in the chaos I got the 8 minute “strategy” challange.

Apart from that, I loved it. Maybe could be optimized a bit, or the controls fiddled with, so that the main game loop does not screw up the controls. Or maybe I should just upgrade my toaster I am trying to play on.

An issue might be in the controls: when I release a stare completely stationary, it jumps a bit to the side. I would assume that there is a bug in mouse coordinate translation.

I was able to run it with Proton through steam compatibility support. Though, the there were graphical glitches while placing tiles. Also, the game was pretty slow this way. So a native Linux experience would be highly appreciated <3

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Great little game!

However, I got a weird glitch where one of the heroes portrait moved to the map, and then I was not able to reorder.

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Uhh, a bit buggy:

  • Sometimes the junctions did not interact with the vehicle and let it pass straight trough.
  • This then resulted where the junction turned the car in wrong directions, making puzzles impossible.

I love these types of games. Although I missed the up arrow (command history) functionality.

I Love the concept - snake + metroidvania = <3
The controls are finicky = </3.

I think maybe making it turn based or just a tad bit slower would make a huge impact on playability (figuring out when to push the button to turn).

Super relaxing, and fun! Did you use Bezier spline, or some other?

Lovely puzzle game, howeever, I find the controls finnicky: every now and then the jump and move does not work properly and that part makes the puzzles more frustrating than hard. 7/11

Pretty neat, though the last section is tedious and should be play-tested

Beautiful pixel art, but the gravity is too big, and controls feel slippery. This makes falling puzzles excruciating to the point of being no fun :-/

The jumping is too quick and makes the timing very tight.
Other than that, a good game!