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I'm so glad I FINALLY decided to sit down and play this after picking it up so long ago! 

Side Note: I feel like Lyx's mind would explode  harder than any H-Scene if somebody told her that famous quote from Arthur C. Clarke -- “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

No worries, the fact that you have an update shows that you care, and that's all I ask. Even then, I'd sooner you deal with IRL problems than drown them with work -- spiraling like that is how my mother lost her toe after my father died!

So take your time, you of all people know yourself best, and don't be afraid to say 'Not yet' to getting back to the game, and know that there are plenty of others here that will agree with me that you deserve some peace of mind.

Funny Shower Thought: An April Fools event where the cast of Harem Hotel bump into a fictional cast of another harem game, kind of like that one scene from "Shawn Of The Dead."

I don't think that would actually be implemented, but with how well you write, I believe you could pull it off!

For some reason I can't download this on the app. I'll try a normal download later, as I still want to give this a fair chance

Wait what?! I haven't played in a while, this is news to me!

EDIT: And it's running fine as well

Just did now, and yeah, downloads fine. Weird

Doesn't seem to want to download via the app

I like this idea, yeah. Kinda reminds me of how new comic book heroes where introduced back in the day - first as apart of the super-group (The Avengers for example) and if the public liked the character enough, THEN they'd get their own comic

That’s fine, it’s your game!

So far so good! It's a bit sparse, but it's still early days, and I'm liking what I'm seeing, so I'll be sticking around. 

A dumb question; Bastet mentioned that her and the goddess of rocks would (poorly) play Poker with each other. While I absolutely suck at Poker, will it, or something similar like Black Jack be added in as a mini-game? I can see that being a thing, even if it doesn't lead to any woo-whoo with the goddess

"All's we got is a coupla days on the team!"

(From "Who's On First")

Wait, they already are?! Ok, definitely didn’t notice that! I’ve been relying on wether or not the health bar changes or I’m suddenly not encumbered anymore! Oops!

Yeah, definitely would love to have those colored in! Though it might just be me at this rate, I seem to be even more blind than a player without lamp oil!

ok, after playing for a good while longer, I can say that you’re right, they do last the whole floor, my bad.

I’ll change my suggestion then to ask to add a colored tooltip to indicate what has been effected by the Stat Boost Spells and how. Something like “Strength 12 (17)” to indicate the boost. 

Again, sorry for the mixup, you where right!

If there was one thing I'd sugest, as of now, I'd change the wording of the spells that say "On this floor" to someting else, becuase it gives the idea, at least to me, that the spell effect will be maintained untill you access the next floor up/down, even though the spells only seam to last for a short while.

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Welp, unsurprisingly the game doesn't run very well on my potato of a computer, but I'll check back in every once in a while. I still want to support your work!

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Hello, I'm back, and I'm not surprised that my computer couldn't handle it.

Here are my specs BTW:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630 - 45.9%

GPU: Nvidia GTX 460 - 13.2%

SSD: SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB - 32.9%

HDD: WD Green 1TB (2009) - 58.8%

RAM: Unknown 4x2GB - 27.7% (not sure what that means)

MBD: Hp-pavilion AY747AA-ABA p6310y

Basically, I'd need a whole new computer if I wanted to upgrade any one piece; A new graphics card would need a new CPU, and a new CPU would need a new Motherboard.  Oh well, such is life.

EDIT: Hey, good/weird news! The scenes work now, but the even work on the high quality. Not complaining about that!

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I’ll tell you later today, but just in case it helps, what happens is that I’ll click on any of the girls, and the game will crash back to the desktop. There IS a message that pops up, but I can’t remember it off the top of my head, so I’ll have that for you later today as well.

Also, the “go outside” button doesn’t work at all, but I’m assuming from the pictures on the game page that that’s not a thing at the moment, but clicking that does NOT crash the game.

Finally, good choice for the cartoon! Classic Superman is always fun to watch. :)

Well drat, it looks like my potato of a computer can't handle any interactions with the girls. On the plus side, we can still watch TV together!

Hey, wanted to download via the launcher, but the file isn't showing up. Is it just me?

Yep, it's there now, thank you!

To be more precise, The file doesn't seam to want to appear in the launcher. I'm gonna try downloading from a web browser, but I'd thought you'd like to know.

This is absolutely adorable! I've been using my saves to "take pictures" of my Teacats. I can absolutely see a "chapter 2" with your new life with your Teacat, but this is fun as it is!

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Is the PC version still not working? Whenever I try to play this after downloading, it’ll load a little bit, then just stall. Or is it just me? Granted, the PC version for me has never worked. :(

I’m sorry to hear that. Take all the time you need.

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Question for everyone who's playing now; Does anyone know what the ungaikyō (the small mirror support item) actually does? The description says that it "traps spirits," but I don't understand what that means mechanicaly.

Update: Nevermind, the spiders helped me figure it out!

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Yes, and I even tried to start a new game in a differant save slot. No dice.

Update: It seems that starting a new game after launching the game DOES work properly.

Love the game, but I found a rather big bug; When I went to start a new game, it began on the last day I left off from, meaning that I had to face night 16 with only Oshinka.

Hope this helps, and I'll definetly keep playing!

Still not working on my PC. ;_;

Our Apartment community · Created a new topic Crash Report.

Hey, just downloaded today. The game booted, got to 100%, and then just chrashes back to the desktop. Using PC on Windows 7.

Um, the game seams to freeze for me on PC. Is this a known issue?

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Quick Question

What's the difference between "Goat Horns" and "Ram Horns?" Those seam like the same thing to me. *shrug*

It’s only on PC? Aw man! 😢

Great game, I just wish the AI died;t just start with an army every time a match starts.