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I noticed that too. I couldn't get it to work no matter what I tried. But when I copied and pasted the link into the search bar it actually worked, so I think it is something weird with Itch. If you are still interested in watching, here is the link to my channel It should be pretty easy to find the video, as it is still very recent.

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Serious potential for this game to make it big. Super unique and a lot of fun to play through. Amazing job!

A huge improvement from Melissa. While I still enjoyed Melissa, you can actually sympathize with the characters in this story. And this chapter is way more fleshed out. Highly recommend.

I went into the game expecting a generic first person jumpscare fest. I was more than pleasantly surprised with this game. Would love to see more like it. 

A good game. Seriously wish there was more to it.

A pretty good game overall. The message of the game sort of went over my head when I first played it. It felt a little abstract, but thinking back now it feels like it was on the topic of suicide. Could be wrong, but a good game nonetheless. Only complaint is that the camera can be very glitchy and disorienting when walking down a path with many turns.

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This was certainly an experience lol. Regardless of some of the jokes I made, the game isn't really that bad. It definitely did what it set out to do.

This game is actually a lot better than I anticipated. I went into it expecting a very cheap jumpscare fest. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually building upon something that felt unique, especially towards the end.

With as many jokes as I was making about the game, I actually really do appreciate what it was going for. It feels like if the Stanley Parable were to take itself more seriously. Definitely could be something great if it were expanded on.

I liked this one quite a bit. Audio was pretty loud towards the end though

This one was a lot of fun. Would love to see a game like this with multiple levels. The mix between the weird visuals and gameplay were spot on.

A fantastic game. We absolutely need more unique games like this. The world building through hints in the locations were masterfully done. Just wish it had been longer

Phenomenal game. Soccer ball had me very frustrated though lol

I'm a little late to the party, but here is my gameplay and review on this amazing game. Only complaint I didn't mention was how tight the window for perfect hits are. Other than that, very fun game.

I want to make it clear that my frustration was completely caused by my own stupidity lol. Good game.

Game has a great story and some nice visuals. One complaint is that some of the camera angles are a bit confusing, but still fun to play.

A great concept executed very well in a great game. Story was fun to read through and characters fit into the game well. Maybe just a bit too much reading in certain sections, but still absolutely worth playing.

Game has a lot of great potential and I am very excited for a full release. Just wish there was an option for sensitivity because it was a bit too high for me. 

Very good game. Only complaints are that some of the items and interactions are very hard to find or wont pop in certain places. And sometimes the camera would break and I couldn't see where I was going. Other than that, a lot of fun to play.

Gave me a few good laughs. Feels like one of the classic old horror games.

Yeah makes sense. I hope it didn't come across that I thought it was purely a bad game. I was just very frustrated in the moment lol. Wish you the best.

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This was certainly some kind of experience.

Fun to play, a little bit funnier than scary

An interesting game to play. Definitely a good setting. However, I found the monster to be a little goofy. All in all, worth checking it out.

Had fun with this game. Will definitely be playing upon full release. Jumpscare got me pretty good

Without exaggeration, one of the best games I have played. Story telling through subtle clues in world was on point, and the writing especially in the end was incredible. Absolutely a must play.

An absolutely phenomenal game. Art style is great, aesthetic is fantastic, and gameplay is super fun (regardless of how angry I was.) Highly recommend.

Enjoyed the beginning of the game, and I liked the lighting. However, the end of the second ending had me very frustrated. 

No problem, super excited for a full release!

Without a doubt, one of the best horror indie games you can find. Which is really saying something because this game is still only a demo. Will definitely be playing the full release. (My review of the game is at the end of my 2nd video)

If you are on windows, an easy way to fix this is pressing Shift + Windows Key + Arrow Key. Press the arrow keys in whichever direction your other monitor is.

Fun game. Good scares and atmosphere, especially in the beginning. Highly recommend checking it out.

Good game and visuals were very nice. Just wish it was longer.

Fun game that was very involved. Would really love to see more of this world. Also, I don't know if it is a bug, but when first going to sleep there is a cutscene of a blue sky. The dream is almost immediately cut short and the player wakes up (which can be seen in my video). I wasn't sure if this was intended or if it was a bug because it was a little jarring. Other than that, the game is great and I had a lot of fun.

Had a lot of fun with this. A short horror game that doesn't take itself too seriously. Would love to see a longer game like this.

Fun game. I made a few jokes about it but I actually thought it was really fun.