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This game was WAY scarier than expected, I was NOT ready for that first monster...

This game was SUPER scary, but I had so much fun!  You won't believe how this game had me jumping and screaming...

Absolutely LOVED this game. Patrick was hilarious!

I LOVE this game!  Looks beautiful and the scares are perfect!  Instant Classic.  Me and my brother played together and couldn't believe how it turned out!

This game was freakin amazing!!!  So scary, so fun, you won't believe what happened!

This game scared my cheeks off!  Unbelievable!

Very spooky and really keeps your attention!  It’s a good time!

The most fun difficult game on the internet right now. Loved it. W game makes for W content! 🔥

Loved this game!  Had a blast!  Was so fun and funny! 

Had so much fun playing this game!  It really hits like the movies!

VR not required.  But yes it does cause VR support to launch I think. 

This game is a GREAT addition to the Sirenhead collection. Got a nice visit from one of the voice actresses while streaming too!  Super cool!
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So this game blew my mind and gave me goose bumps. Also scary and heck! All my friends enjoyed the survey! Game #3

I had so much fun doing my taxes. Thanks for such a great game. So many people enjoyed it. Game #2 

What a game and such a great nightmare experience. We loved playing this! 

This game was super fun and funny. Took me a bit to master the wiggles, but the end was hilarious!  Everyone love it! 

Glad I could help :). Thanks for watching. 

This game was perfect. Well done. Loved playing it and loved getting other people to try it. The jump scares left us speechless lol! 

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This game is so well done and creative. Creepy, yet beautiful. To think it was made in 10 days. Wow!  I had so much fun playing this. 

This game looks beautiful and seems to have a LOT of potential. Looking forward to updates! I liked! 

This game was really fun and reminded me of old school platformers. Nice creepy undertones. Loved it! 

This game was way more creepy than I expected. Some funny characters and dialogue as well. Loved it! 

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RIP my best friend Pumber!  What a beautiful little game. It made me laugh during the playthrough, but then I felt the loss during editing. It kinda makes me think about the death of a parent. It’s expexted, but still painful. 

Such a unique and interesting experience. Creativity really pops on this one and the insight into our thoughts is so accurate. Well done. Very creepy, chilling. 

Probably, the scariest 5 minutes in NOPE history. Well done! Dev apparently made this game in one day!?  That’s amazing! 

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Super Duper fun game and very much captures the experience of going to a cursed circus lol!  Great game! 

Dude this game is a masterpiece. I cried at the end. They really made a horror tearjerker game. This and Baby in Yellow are my nominations for indie horror game of the year. I loved it so much, and the music!


The graphics, the music, the twist!?  Hungry Lamu is perfect. 

All Amanda updates go crazy. This new one, tape x, it’s extra creepy! 

Gotta love that killer scream!  The fire ending was my favorite. 

Kinda perfect game that captures the experience of waiting at the bus stop with a stranger.  Loved it!

lol yeah I admit. That was one of the scariest moments of my career. The tiny hallway and closeness. Feels like no where to run. 

The game really had me scared and screaming for my life. I never want another pen pal. 

Such a unique and fun game.  Mama Rabbit is bad bad. 

This game was a blast. The dialogue was hilarious and creepy. Love this game!

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This game is a hit, my whole family enjoyed the satisfying baking simulation and the creepy vibes below! 

Love this game. When the tables turn, the panic begins. Peter is a problem in the maze. 

Love this game wonderfully cursed. Short and sweet. I very much appreciate the representation as well.  RIP Lamb. 

I think this is indie game of the year. So fun, funny, and scary.  Just a great mix. So many quality details to make the game special.  Well done.