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Is there gay sex in this game?

You most definitely need to fix this no matter what I level up I keep fucking "missing"'s so fucking pointless to play this need to learn how a fucking game actually works

it fucking sucks that you can't get past level 3 cuz for some fucking I keep "missing" and thank God I was able to save but still can't fucking do anything, I don't think I wanna play this anymore...2 fucking stars

how do I when against iron plz?

God I wish Zack could have a threesome with the other two guys

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this there a way to get with ash and/or Meakil?... maybe threesome or foursome? 

thank you my good person

I wish you can attack the village and corrupt it as well as have sex with Abel and also corrupt him too

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How the hell do you avoid the part where the kingdom is attacking you and avoid the twins killing you!???? 

I would like to have sex with alex

will there be an option for gay sex? or is this a completely straight sex game?

can you have sex with the boy at the beginning?

hope you get better and don't you dare push yourself


*is waiting patiently for next update we can fuc- I MEAN see! see who's behind the door*

I'd like to see more of the Cthulhu demon

can you have sex with your boss?

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This is a very important our black goo daddy still in the game? Cuz he's amazing character and I loved the thing were he, I think trying to ruin Duilio?

ok important nyx a woman? or a shemale?

will this game have erotic themes?

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hey, will you guys be updating this game on newgrounds? It will help us who only have android and help us wait until you come out with a Android version? if and/or when you do

PS: I also miss the Bowser version too

can you have sex with the aliens and maybe join them?

Question...can you cheat?

and maybe have relationships with other characters and maybe bad endings?

how do you corrupt the guard?

can anyone tell me about the green demon?

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How do you find Xav outside of the bar and what's the northern part of the city?

How do I find Grisus out side of the bar?

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How do I get tanuki cum?

how do you get to phantom's liar?

how often Aero sells big belly packs?

where do you get a jar of lard.?

how do I find Aero's shop?

how I find a jar of lard?

where do you fine Greg?