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Thanks Jupe!!!!

I really dig this.  It's a cool geometric twist that affects how you view the field, and how you approach enemies.  It's very cool.  So sorry you got ill!  I think this, in VR, would make my head explode :)

Ha!  I see you accomplished the absurd amount of round HUD you were looking for!  It turnout out really well, lots of fun, and there's a great sense of mayhem to it.

Hahaha, it's so intense!  I'm just scanning and staring and tyring to take in the whole scene... what a great vibe to it!  I played 3 times, killed the wrong people the first 2, then didn't save my client the 3rd... will come back to it though.  Super well done.

I find when I play multiple rounds I confuse details from earlier rounds, haha.

Haha!  Got one!  OMG this is so hard!  Very cool concept, definitely not something I've done before.  Great work!

This turned out really great!  Beyond nice work man, great feel to it, love the low poly world n clouds... super solid!  Congrats!!

After a screw up costing me a day of wasted effort (made a level generator that created wholly unsuitable areas for these AI guys), I'm ashamed to admit the sounds were clearly the bastard child when it came down to the wire. I'm such a cliche, haha, saving sounds for the last minute. 

Anyway, again I found the experience really educational. Specifically this jam made it really clear where I haven't leveled up enough to pull off some complicated systems. 

Anyway, I hope you dig the barely controlled mayhem!