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dude u couldve just email them this game idea instead of telling them what to do with a DEMO of a game and probably theyd consider what youre saying here. Good advice though.

ok so basically what your saying is they should put just as much work , time and energy into something they practically give away and something they actually earn something to pay the bills ? Look, you have your own opinions and thats ok all im saying is that your time doesnt mean jack shit to anyone on the dev team on this game . they probably made this just to release a free game fr someone to just play without paying not for some high horsed douche like you. Tip: next time buy  good game youll enjoy instead of criticizing something you got for free.


prob ur pc but ok

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dude its a free game it probably has some flaws but if its such a big problem why dont u have them make a paid version where they improve the game. all im saying is your demands meet with paid games not free ones . plus they made it in a week so dont have such high expectations just bcuz there a group of devs instead of one .


game's pretty gud i rlly dont mind playing on html5 but it'll be much appreciated if u could make it accessible on windows too. no pressure just a suggesion