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And again, what a wonderful little tool this is. Perfect for "zooming in where the action is", where I think most people will want it to go. The more detail you can add, or the more detail options are available, the more popular this little generator will be. 

Kudos to you, sir! Great work. =)

Wow! This is magnificent. Astounding! Nice generator.
Would it be possible to select the types and shapes and sizes of buildings? And frequencies? Beautiful! 

Wonderful little story. Reminds me of the old "Another World", the DOS version, that came out so long ago. Fantastic! Please keep it going. I hope it is easy to code. If it is long enough it would certainly warrant putting it up on an App store and going commercial. Great job!

Hello there,

On the top left, one of your options is "Map Aspect". Click on that and you will get a map characteristics menu. Towards the bottom is "Fog". Any intensity above 0% will make the "fog" visible. However, it seems to be map wide. It is still very useful when you tint it in dark colors to make a "night" map, as it will light up with "light sources" quite nicely.

Overall, a very good map maker tool.


Hi There,

Thank you for this fantastic program. I was playing with the map and I enjoy the fog characteristics. It occurred to me it would be nice to be able to create a fixed area of fog, like a circle, or a square, instead of blanketing the entire map. Is that possible?

I would also like to request the ability to move not just creates or furniture, but all so trees and other objects off the grid, so they don't always look like they are in square patterns. 

I feel that would add a lot of the maker in general.

Thanks. =)