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Hello,  I know that there does exist a list of official game engines available to use for the AmalgamAsh's MEGA MINUTIAE Jam but there is this ultra-light and tiny game engine called Bitsy.  I don't know if it can be reviewed by AmalgamAsh so that it can be included in the currently available game engines. for the Jam. Bitsy is really simple and easy to use and it's really good to make tiny RPG games that can be uploaded and played via browser. Thanks for your attention and sorry for my bad English. Thank you!

P.s. Link to Bitsy game engine:

Thanks for playing "Chronicles of Sir Froggie". Also thanks for your feedback @pasta-fazooli! I will fix that in the next updates.   Thank you!

"MakerVilleis one of the most unique interactive media projects ever done.    A truly passionate project full of love, dedication and care of his creator as an ode  to those times were being a part of a tiny and lovely community was a common thing".

The basic premise of it is a ever evolving world where the characters in-game are based into the avatars of the     supporters of the MottzyMakes's Twitch Stream

If that's not cool enough, then you should know that it even includes a whole world for each Founder Subscriber,   with tons of available quests, crazy storylines    and different game mechanics implemented  into every one of those worlds.   

You also can join and watch every week how "MakerVille" is being  created step by step thanks to Mr.Mottzy Twitch Streams or check his   DevLog in his YouTube Channel,   or pay a visit to his own Website to discover   more about how "MakerVille" is being made  week by week.

Don't be shy and join Mr.Mottzy into his journey!

"Barbarous" by JuliusNova is a really fun  and interesting RPG, with a blend of traditional elements of the genre with  a twist of "Bounty Hunter" and "Open World" dynamics. I play-tested the first iterations of the game and can't wait to play the next updates of it. To me is   a great game with a very ambitious scope - and I trust 100% that his developer is going to give us one of the finest RPGs ever made with "Smile Game Builder". Cheers and come on and play it! 

I.. need.. to.. try.. again... *dies*