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Hi, I bought your Pixel Crawler - Complete Collection. Its great and I hope that you consider making ICONS, ENEMIES & CHARACTER Focus assets. Thank you!

Hi, does this pack goes on sale discount?

just to let you know I bought the whole bundle ^ ^ keep up the good work!

Hi, would like to know if the bundle sale still coming? thanks

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Just bought it, Thanks for the heads up ^ ^

Thanks! Really love your artstyle ^ ^

Greetings, Please do bundle sale for your assets. will buy asap and Excellent work!

Looking forward to your All in One Bundle Sale of your assets. Will buy asap, Excellent Work!

Hi, I love your sound collections. Do you do discounts or have bundle  sale for your items? too expensive for me but the quality is superb.

It would be cool if you add it btw your art is amazing, I will anticipate the update. Thank you  for considering ^ ^

Hi, I just bought your bundle, do you intend to create an Close and Open animation  for Books and Scrolls? Thanks

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I love your artstyle and I now anticipating your upcoming asset packs release! Hoping for your good health & Good job!

Hi, i like to use your awesome asset to my game. is it possible to make it a real time Action rpg? rather than turn based?

Hi, love your work. is there a plan of creating RPG MegaPack in the future? if so looking forward to it.