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Awesome! :)

Thankyou! I hope to make it better with the full game release.

thanks for the feedback! i'm working on improving the input and providing different input options.

Alright, the latest update includes more comprehensive training. Let me know your thoughts! :)

Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the demo and it addresses some (but not all) of the points you mentioned. Check out the new version and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, I will contact you in a few days! :)

Thanks! The current training levels provide an introduction to gameplay, and the upcoming update has a redesigned level 1 that's quite a bit easier.

Absolutely! Thanks! I've been meaning to do this, but other things keep coming up.

Oh that's awesome to hear! It makes me really happy when players switch to controller and have a funner time playing. I need to improve the keyboard controls, for sure, and that's a big priority item on the todo list. I shared your video in the Lazr discord as well!

Thanks Mikey! I enjoyed watching your youtube video and I shared it in my discord ( 

Thank you! I will contact you.

Windowed mode, and two different full screen modes have been added, a few updates ago. 

Thanks for your post and feedback! I hope your controller works next time, Lazr can difficult to play with a keyboard. I enjoyed your episode and looking forward to the next! :)

Yes, I plan on selling the full game of Lazr on itch, while also keeping the demo free and updated.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on getting a windowed mode in, along with options for full screen display.

the gamepad controls have been updated - you can now climb using the left trigger or x button (on xbox controller). you can also fire with the right trigger or y button (on xbox controller). still working on getting keyboard rebinding in the game. be sure to check out the training levels, as they will help to show you how to jump and dash in the air, which is important for getting around the levels. thanks for playing!

я планирую добавить русские переводы в ближайшее время.

Absolutely! That would be awesome. I appreciate you. 🎮👋

Theres some minor things that need fixing, but otherwise I think it's ready for players.

keyboard input will be updated in the next few weeks, thanks!

i've updated the lazr demos to use a smaller mono runtime. players should no longer need to download mono (saving >1gb).

Love it! I'll have a more advanced demo available in 30-40 days!! Thanks!

Lazr community · Posted in Hello

Yeah, absolutely, please show the demo on your channel. There isn't a code for the current demo, and I don't have the advanced demo ready to show yet, so what's on the Lazr page is what's available for now. Thanks!

Awesome! Fun to watch!