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It's simple game but a good one like Smasher and the Will o' the Thiccs.

There is more room for more demon variants, but in my head weight gain and muscle growth mechanic popup. Demon who eat a lot will get fatter and generate more Starlight Dust but they will refuse to do task, meanwhile the Demon who do lots of tasks will gain some muscle they will do task faster but refuse to eat others so they cannot generate Starlight Dust.

Either way It's nice to see a fresh game in the community, especially one that is not just another VN. Hope you'll develop this game further :)

Found it! It's in Roaming>RenPy>GameOver

Where in app%data exactly ? Roaming ? Local ? Local Low ?

hm... why can't I give the materials to the doctor ? I have everything and it's a new save file too. is that the limit of this build ?

I think Ziul character is a bit over powered , I've been trying really hard to fatten him up but his digestion is just way too fast , it's definitely the "all gain is halved" ability it's way too over power

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Are you planning to make this focused on growing the MC similar to Soft Fantasy ( by Ziul Walls ) or will we be able to help the NPCs grow just like in Worshippers of the Gain ( by Cottage Games ) ?

Well that a shame , but thank you for replying anyway . Not a lot of game developer would have a small chat with their fans :)

Oh boy , it's been sooooooo long since the last time I play this game , quick question How's the pink dragon quest doing ? He is my most anticipated character in Small on Top . I really want him to embraced his sexuality . And maybe help him evolve in to a big dragon , there are a lot of giant creature around , a big pink dragon won't be out of place . Speaking of growth , The slime guy that moved in with us also have the potential to grow , maybe the giant slime under the sea can give the player a recipe to craft a quest item that will help our slime guy grow bigger. Well , either way I would love to hear what you are planing for both of them .

Yeah , Just in case you will never let the public download your game , I just download itch app and try playing this game there , and I have to say it's a lot smoother than playing it in browser.

P.S. Sorry I only have around $10USD per month to spare and most of it goes to my Internet bill, so I can't support you on Patreon , it's quite hard to live in a cult village especially a lame one like where I lived.

I agreed , when the tab is closed and you try to play your save file : by the time you press [Fight] there would always show an error massage and you couldn't do anything except restart from the beginning

If the developer don't turn down the difficulty and missed attacks , this will be save and load game

This is still just the demo right ?

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Distraction mechanism is good and all, but I think there is not enough space on the map (every thing is just so close to each other but the environment is more natural that way), so I think neutralizing the enemy will be more beneficial, but how? Well the traditional way will be to put them to sleep, but if I rethink of kobold with weight gain mechanism I think of cakebolds (search cakebolds Fur Affinity) magic cake with kobold shape that will feed them self to the nearest enemy, raise their fat level by 1 and if you have max feast level they will be too fat to move (neutralized).

Wow that's a long comment, goodluck :)

Can someone please tell me how to remove the bridge 

Every good RPG and the like gonna need level up system

Right now this is a survival game, a very hard survival game (because I can't resist to fatten him up)

Hope you will develop the game in the future, goodluck

OMG absolutely love this!

I can't go higher than 465kgs though

From what I see so far, It's seem to me the creator trying to recreate BukKaKe Party 

1.Rhythm based game (CHECKED)

2.Gay erotic (CHECKED)

3.Combo system (CHECKED)

4.Increasing rhythm speed (CHECKED)

5.By part erotic system (CHECKED)

Or perhaps you have different game reference you can tell me, well it's still a great game either way, goodluck for succeeding the game.

You know this game can get more popular if you add a "furry" tag here in , and maybe some muscle growth system on the player character for those who enjoy it, you know you can just add muscle upgrade (or maybe fat if you prefer) to the shop and make the suitable player character version depend on the upgrade, by do way it's a great game, always happy to see more furry games in the community, goodluck

Glad to hear it

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Are you going to upload the new version somewhere besides your patreon ?

Good thing I still have the old version :p (I'm completely broke)

I think it will be awesome to add weight gain system in this game (if you are in to it). Just a little fan suggestion :)

I see, well all I can do is "wait" (sorry).

Hold on a minute that's not 100% true, even though it's in entirely different topic hahahahaha

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You do still working on this game right? It would be a shame to let this one go to waste.    

And by "supporting" you mean through Patreon or Ko-fi right

Best visual novel ever!!!!! This is the game of my dream, thank you so much for making this game, I can't wait play the complete story   >_<

It's so exciting !!!!

So cute >w< Love it

It's already pass 1.9 in their patreon, and i don't think they will update this public build :p