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The routes aren't really that hard to 100% tbh, except for klaus that is a secret route, there's a score method to track what route you're in, but it's not visible in the game, still the only thing you really need is just pick any choice that is related to the characters you want, please note even if you pick a specific route there still will be situations where you interact with other characters and that's normal

Also about Klaus there are a lot of ways to get to his route, I did it by starting asking Devon about the key at the start of the day (he will then give you his jacket, you need it) then go to the forest after asking to the janitor, then follow Klaus in the forest and play that part, you still need to continue on Devon route afterward but don't wait for him when he put the telescopes back indoor, and then follow Klaus into the forest, and that's all :D

hey i just went through old replies and now after having played the routes quite some times i see it tbh:

-while you eat dinner with lake he send a text to someone, maybe torulf

-if you ask torulf to stay in his room he says he need to "cancel something" without giving much more detail

-and yeah also the thing about lake going sneaking out of the room during the night

Being a visual novel those details probably have some meaning, maybe we're thinking too much on it but it's definitely suspicious

hey i just replayed lake's route and it definitely adds to your theory:

Lake send a text to a friend while you're eating in his room

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This theory is actually vastly belived in the discord server, but it obv never got a confirm by the authors.

The only problem i see is the fact you do in fact find the Key even in rune's route, Wich can mean only two things: either Mikko found a way to put it back there overnight or before arvo got in the room or mikko didn't actually took the key.

Another moment where he could have put the Key in the bag could be after Mikko plays the piano, but the bag won't be left alone if you refuse to play too, so that would make little sense.

The only certain things is this is kinda suspicious

Probably yeah, ice-cold water is easily lethal but again you can't really go further than that so it's more like a dead-end type of scene where you have to go back

I don't really see it though, torulf has a really flirty way of talking but it's really different when he speak to arvo and when he speak with lake, and he don't really refuse when you propose to play with him against lake, idk just give me "upfront and embarrassed" friend style, not in a "relationship way"

Well you're Right but I also feel bad for lake, before the story starts he felt like arvo avoided him and so i feel bad for not hanging around with him too (also he got a fat crush on arvo since even before the start of the vn it's quite easy to understand, so extra emotional pain)

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Agreed, i love searching all the real music references (there are a lot actually), i should also check if the book jørgen is reading is actually a real one too, it probably is tho

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Also yes I love the research there is behind all the little details, like the way food isn't all generic but some are very specific dishes, or the fact the album you listen to with torulf is on spotify

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The game is set on the "pay what you want" paid model, this means when you download the game asks you if you want to make a donation of some kind, that's probably the solution you're looking for

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Can we talk about the fact arvo says "in life there's no second chance" and tells us how he would change the past AND THEN all the auto saves  becomes the choice of leaving mikko or remaining with him? Doki Doki level sh*t right here

I just hope mikko won't go full yandere, i want him to be happy but I want to play all the route without having to fight him

Now im scared to see that

I low-key like the way he act tho

What :D i didn't get that part

The story is so well written how could someone skip the story?

Welcome ladies, gentlemen and non-binary dukes to a new episode of: "i was emotionally destroyed by 2D boys, again" after this episode we'll have a full week of emotional recovery with depressive episodes coming right on 

I mean the updated literally came yesterday so the next one is in a month roughly

Just download the game like a normal update, the download shouldn't overwrite anything you already did

I'm doing the same thing, but i have no idea where the writer lives, so it might as well be any time of the day Where they are, if they publish it at idk 15, for us it might be 4 or idk, so we'll just have to wait and see

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Sameee, torulf and mikko are the ones I wait for since I started playing

This novel really do hit different

Pretty sure devon was always a black panther, might but his sprite was changed more than once

I believe in jørgen supremacy

Until now there wasn't any kind of nsfw scenes in the game, but the next update is going to feature the first nsfw scene. Still you have to manually activate nsfw scenes in the settings in order to see them, and those are completely optional

I keep replaying cause it's my confort VN now

Don't we all?

✨Jørgen✨ saying bestie instantly killed me

Jørgen fan club :o

Writing like Mikko is lowkey wholesome tho

Reading this now has a total new effect on em


ok can we talk about how anti-climatic this was? I just bursted out in laugh at 22:45 my neighbors must hate me right now

Prob. By tomorrow morning wherever the devs are (so prob max in 12 hours by now, when the update will be 24 hours old) just wait a bit, trust me the game is worth it

This comment aged badly

April fool's update

Well now they updated his route, and so actually his route will be a bonus one, kinda like Half-hidden, on twitter the devs said they're going to make reaching his route harder in the future

Just think about the fact MC declined when Mikko asked his to take a double room because he was uncomfortable, this would give Mikko a motive

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I mean, it could make sense in a matter of "i wanted to have a way of having more time with MC" but character wise he doesn't seem like the kind of people who could lie to his old friend, still the fact MC refused to have a shared room with Mikko would make Mikko have an actual reason to do so, we'll probably discover about it later. But the hug isn't it for sure because if you sit with lake Mikko won't be able to hug you

Mikko could also have seen MC's keys falling at any point (either before, during or after the hug if you sit with him) and could have seen the perfect chance to take them, considering that:

-he's the only with an actually concrete motive

-he's the only that know MC well except for lake, the others would have given it to devon as they just met MC and so they wouldn't recognize his key

Edit: :0 Mikko hug you even if you don't sit with him, he does so before you loose your key, Mikko is getting some suspicious on him

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The next update will be fire! Mikko and Torulf are my two favorites ^^ i really enjoyed all the routes so far, but what i enjoy the most are all the little easter eggs the writer put in the lines (like the fact that the album you listen with Torulf is available on spotify etc...) amazing game love it