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im just courious but y does the game open windows system 32 cmd

also if you visit her it brings up an error and if you ignore it it makes you leave

ask her to show em she also needs the bra then u grab the other clothes and build the warbrobe at the beanch for a few days

i have an issue with it crashing withen five minutes

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perhaps for an update for the masterbation scene have a chance for ellie to wake up after cumming on her pussy or somthing and depending on her corruption level or just after the spanking scene have their be a chance she fucks or blows us i thonk that would be kinda cool Edit:so this game be dead 

yeah i also recomend checking the games website

bro true ending made me actually cry i felt the character die and thats how you know a game is good even if i didnt like the i loved the game keep up the good work