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ok this was an incredible puzzle game i got stuck once and had to look up something but damn was this fun and mind blowing i figured out what the final twist was going to be faster than i think most people did (only slightly annoyed at how the controls were there) but otherwise i loved this it was really fun

i think the ending for one of each is that the judge puts himself in jail just because why not

huh well i was working my way through the secret area and i accidentally phased through the floor and got the true ending i tried it again and the glitch is repeatable and i think it works in other areas as well but im not sure (look i aint explaining it in explicit detail to everyone so they can abuse it)

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ok so i defeated it normally i got the dog ending but i feel like there was more i dont think eternal friendship did anything other than give me the dog ending  i got the stone skip jump one but each of the endings has a name at the end but i cant see anything more than the apocalypse one i think they stack or something which is annoying. this is a great game though i hope to maybe see that sequal that gets mentioned

oh my gosh this is so cute and SAAAADDDD when I got to the end and the mom confronted the watcher and being all upset when she said "you didnt really choose him did you" imma be honest i didnt i had no idea i was choosing something until after i had already sent the dad out lol but this was a great game loved it I found some of the secrets (you can go over rivers in winter for those of you who havent found the secret area) i was very confused by them though AWESOME GAME probably wouldn't play again though because its too sad :(

YAY I beat it thanks for the good luck :)

so level 27 is cheesable if you push the falling box at the PERFECT time and freeze time you can push it into the middle and jump off it to the end

How do you beat level 3? (also you should be able to turn volume down more than just on and off)

this is so interesting i really wish i got different responses for saying different things i tried being silent and also taking "Echo" literally and repeating only the last word said and even responding honestly as the character of course and at the end saying "I wish to understand" nothing happened :( just wish there was more to this neat game

gatling plus full yellows is still my favorite I AM THE SUN

lol havent played in awhile didnt expect mr floor 1 boss to go MOBILE

wow that seems really unfair to us cowards

did the same thing but got to the 4th one with 1 note

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im agreeing with you lol

WOW just who is immature enough to do that like wtf

Can't wait!! keep up your good work

lasers do pierce but yeah all these things would be great

Heat seeking doesn't seem to affect lasers :(

hmmm so can't take a screenshot but uuhhh walked into mini boss room and he had 4 lasers as to the usual 2. Extra lasers started parallel to his normal ones and didn't rotate. Sorry that I can't provide a screenshot.

I'm still not sure if this is a bug but some of the squares/notes are just larger on the grid I don't know if this is on purpose or not. It's purely visual and not like there are different ones because of where you got them from like shops or mini bosses. 

A square boy just phased through a block for me as well so you're not going crazy

hmmm so moving while its teleporting you to stage 2 damages you I just learned that the hard way

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LOL just learned the funniest combo ever. Gatling and just explosions the whole board MURDER EVERYTHING.

Found 2 broken (as in glitchy not overpowered) power up combinations

Spin Shot+Echo=Crazy bullets going through walls and getting stuck in walls. I saw this with heat seeking+wall bounce as well so it might be wall bounce in general but it was much more noticeable with spin shot.

SharpShooter+Turret= Turret being tossed across room into wall continually over and over (salty about this one because it has a whole story).

I'll probably find more with my great combination of greed for loot and terrible luck.

huh with the 5.0 release shops are all free. Don't know what else to say just wanted to make sure this was at your attention Devs.