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A member registered Dec 22, 2023

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Śuper awesome to get the MacDon version instead of just Lizard.

This mod will be used alot.

This is why you guys make some solid mods 

I love these old square body chevy and GMC trucks.

Okay, thanks

I can't wait to use the truck and all the attachments, you guys make some really good mods.

The dump bed can not hold any fill type for me, when i dump it, it fall out the bottom of the truck. Do you have plans to fix this? Other then that it is a fantastic mod. Good work

Thank you.

I've tried 7billion times to get the RCR version and it never works

Any advice how to get it to work?

Okay, Thanks

I never was able to find d a button.

How do i download this game?

It would be great if we could get this with manual transmission.

Same here, where do I locate the RCR version of the map. I have it in my mods folder but I can't find it in the game anywhere.

Are you planning on fixing the missing xml file for anhydrous?

This is going to be great to use thanks guys.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart buch.

I am having trouble with them, I can't see them after i have plowed or cultivated.

I can't wait to play on this map.

I can't wait to add this mod to my save games. Thanks so much Buch, for your hard work. This will be used lots on my farms. I am excited to see what new mods you put out. Thanks again so much.