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these jump scares were really getting me on this one! would really like to see more !

This game is very well made and fun, really makes me want to play more!

This is such a good game. i really enjoy the monster design and how much different each of the modes are!

I really like the concept of the game and the fact that it had multiple endings! also it was short and straight to the point, keep it up!

SOOOOO GOOD! nothing dragged out and the horror was just right! i would def recommend this game to anybody!

such a fun game!! this is one if the better atmospheres that i felt in a horror game and the graphics are really good as well! the only thing i wish was different was more story!

Really fun game love the dark humor that it has i would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quick fun game! 

This was a really fun game! loved everything about it from all the different endings to the artwork and all the choices you have to make! i would recommend this to everybody! keep up the great work!

This game is so good!! really makes you have to think about what actions you are going to take next! even though i couldnt seem to figure it out i had a great time all the way through!

yet again another BANGER by 616. such a good short game, it really kept be invested in finding out what was happening the whole time! great job!

This was such a good game from the story to the eerie sense you get the whole time playing it! great job and keep up the good work!! 

Short and straight to the point! really enjoyed my game and would recommend it to anybody trying to find something to play

This is such a great concept! the only thing i would have to say is how long it took NPCs to walk but after the market it was really good!

i really enjoyed this game! I just wish there was more story but other than that this is really good

This is how you make a short horror game! I loved everything about it def got me with the huge scare to, great job cant wait until choo choo Charles comes out!! 

absolutely did not expect this to turn into the game that it did! I really did enjoy it but the only thing that I wish was different was that there was a sprint button or something to move faster also I'm not sure if anyone else had the glitch where if you used the women's bathroom the game would crash? other than that I enjoyed this game a lot!  

This is a very atmospheric game and i really liked the tension building the whole time! the last part definitely got me good! great job!  

This game was really good. it kept you wanting to know more the whole time. also the ambiance of the whole game made you keep thinking something was going to jump out from anywhere. great job!!

This game was definitely a trip!! weird things just kept happening back to back and even though by the end i was confused i still loved the game. great job!

This game is sooo good!! i honestly went into this game thinking that it was going to be cheesy but came out just wanting more and more! I loved the concept. Keep up the great work!! 

I really liked this game because it plays on something that happens to everyone which is getting water in the middle of the night. the whole game makes you feel uneasy all the way to the ending. great game keep up the good work!! 

This game has an amazing concept and design I wish there was more story and this was longer but other than the this game is great and would recommend to anyone looking to get scared 

This game had a really cool concept even though i got kind of confused towards the end i loved every minute of this game i would recommend this to anybody looking for a game!

This is my first time ever playing a game like this and i absolutely love it! The eeriness to everything makes you constantly feel in danger! great game keep it up!! 

Great game! I really enjoyed the build up and this take on the backrooms! keep up the great work!!!

i really like the monster design in this game also the gameplay is definitely fun! but there was a glitch that almost was game breaking for me where the monster got stuck in front of the sewer worker i was eventually able to get pass but other than that great game !!

This is probably the most terrifying horror game ive played yet. something about the ambiance and the way the monster moves is crazy! fantastic game i would recommend this to everyone looking for a game to play!

This is how you do a short horror game! love the atmosphere and monster design. also this makes you want to know more about the story. such a good design. keep up the great work! 

Very well put together game. I love the concept and it really makes you want to know more back story. i strongly recommend this game to everybody keep up the great work!

This game keeps my attention the entire time! the atmosphere and use of the sounds are great! keep up the good work this game is going to be amazing! 

This game is fantastic!! from the atmosphere to the gameplay even the jumpscares didnt feel cheap at all! would love to see more from this Developer!! 

This is such a unique game concept to solve puzzles and see things using your phone ive never played a game quite like it. i did run into a few glitches that broke the game and made me reset at a checkpoint but that wasnt much of a problem because the checkpoint was only like a minute sooner, other than that this was such a good game great job!!

This is definitely a great twist to slenderman, the story had me captivated from the start. and the jump scares got me everytime!! the one bad thing about this is the framerate issues but other than that this game is fantastic! cant wait to see part 2!!

This is probably one of the best indie horror games ive played!! from the story to the whole atmosphere of the game. this game is definitely a hit great job!!!!