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I could play this for ages, I'm a sucker for zen mode's in puzzle games. The swapping, creating lines and cute art work make for a satisfying experience really look forward to seeing more of this!

Yep read it and have no key on the purchase page

I brought the game and when I launch it, it opens steam store page. I don't have a steam key but I thought I was gonna be able to play it normally just by launching it.

It seems to have fixed the issue deleting the files in Shrimp Plug Games, thanks for taking the time to look into it! =)

I'm using Windows 10 Pro

I've allowed it through the firewall and it still does the exact thing, my whole game locks up it I try host and connect, connects me then disconnects me if I join a match.

Like this?!DwB1RaIb!xd5ZIXVndSKZ2IHlzw6bHokxLsE0FClg1BDTmwEwxp4

I seem to be having problems with this game

The game locks up after tutorial "vote to start game and wasd to move" and when hosting a game it locks up after my car spawns then disappears with the vote screen locked can't back out and have to close it. Then joining someones game my car spawns the despawns in the main menu, friend said I joined then left.