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slaanesh would like to know your location 

Blackjack ftw, New Art is great but i hate the new mind stat reducing events, too many too quickly and no real way to increase the stat quickly. Thanks for the update!

You can get it but the storyline is not developed further yet. 

One tip you can keep on selling chips or other items even if you have run out of them it just keeps adding money. 


The game is nice but it gets grindy real quick. Also content should be enabled/disabled in the settings. 

Very well made and refreshing. One of the best Ero Games i've found on Hope this continues to get expanded. 

Nice but missing a lot of content. Also Core Consumption takes forever because you have to go to the next day every time.  Otherwise its really interesting and good. 

Looks good but the game starts in a really cropped fullscreen window which makes it impossible to play. 

Yeah im just not gonna play it again, i grinded so much in the last update and i dont want to have to do it again. 

Bang.ic is the best stock, hyperinflated to 2.5k lol 

its okay, a bit short and theres both not enough tools and reactions from her. Also the whip seems to me like the session ender rather than the thing that follows the hand?

Yea it doesn't work on PC either if you just click on it, you have to move the bomb by pressing the arrow keys/WASD. 

Is there somewhere were updates are posted more often?

Can you reccomend any other games similiar to this one? Cant find all that much on