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the controller does not work properly for android i try to select the options but when i select them nothing pops up

Yeaa you're probably right I thought about that after the fact of deleting it but it was already too late but for whoever what has the issue I had definitely do that Haha

So I figured out the issue which might make it easier for you to fix or help other people that are experiencing the issue I had but for me to install the new version the .4 I had to uninstall my old one I lost my saved data which oh well it's a great game that I enjoy playing so I dont mind playing it over again

I figured you might have fixed that in the new update I just haven't been able to use it yet it I dont know if this will help you or not but it installs like 75% of the way and and it stop and says installation failed.

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Could you please change the subtitles and buttons from white to black it's difficult to see the options on the computer. Also new update won't install on my android for some reason