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Hi! I came across your demo in my Screenshot Saturday post on Twitter. I liked what I saw so much I tracked it down and made a video about it. It's now on my YouTube channel! Your game looks so awesome! 

Hi Matt!  Just wanted to share my video about your game with the folks on this page. Here is a link to it; this game rocks. 

This demo is out of this world! Encouraging all to try this when it comes out. Thanks, guys for the demo, loved it. Currently being featured on my YouTube channel.

Here is a gameplay video I made for the showcase I did of this game with IGC! 

It is a beautiful and emotionally complex game that has everything going for it. Thank you so much for allowing people to experience and reflect on the nature of animal ecology and its fragility. The game is also incredibly fun, and as you can see in the video I thoroughly enjoyed it. Best wishes with the game and I hope it draws tons of support for the cause!

Hi, I made a video for your game if you want to check it out!

I showcased your game for the Indie Game Collective, and I just wanted to say thanks for making a game about tarot that's actually realistic. I have never played a game that had mechanics I literally felt were spiritual. Very cool.

I showcased this for IGC on my YouTube channel: 

So much to say about this awesome and colorful game. That alone is enough to hold this whole thing together, but the puzzles are unique and rewarding. I love that a sudden unexpected boof can just be a chill opportunity to try again, but this game is neither difficult nor easy, it's just letting you exist in a tasteful and satisfying aesthetic.

I showcased this for the indie game collective and absolutely love this. Probably one of the coziest games I have ever played. I usually proceed with caution during bee season where I live because I'm outside a lot working, but there was so much to like here, I may have to change my mind on how awesome bees are. I showcased some of the tutorial and collecting on my YouTube channel for any interested. Thanks again! 

I played this for an IGC Showcase, and I am really into this! Thank you so much for letting us get in on this goodness. Void Prison has a perfect learning curve. I pieced together my strategies each round and when I realized the usefulness of dodge to avoid the outer circle, I got so hyped. The colors, the pixel art, the visual and sound fx. Wonderful. Really really fun, and has good replayability! :) Thanks again!

Hi, I wrote a little bit about it for my blog and thought you or others here might want to see it.  I got a chance to play Rotund Zero through my friends with the Indie Game Collective. Just wanted to say, it's a delightful game and totally fits in with some of the Game Boy-inspired titles on here and elsewhere I've been enjoying.  Thanks!

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I love the game! I made a post about it on my blog: It really  delighted me when even after doing a keybind of the basic controls to my controller how dynamic the gameplay still was (for those curious.) I can't believe this is free, 500% replayable. Solid!

Hi, I made a post on my blog about Dogurai I'm planning to whirlwind through the Game Boy genre demos on itchIO, and snagged Dogurai thanks to two people recommending it. I'd entice pretty much anybody interested to get it or check out the demo first for what it's worth. From my perspective, Dogurai is a solid, and quality concept platformer/Metroidvania. I'm curious to learn more. I hope this contributes somehow. Thanks!  😀👍

Simple, but satisfying! 👍🍕

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My detailed written blog post about Overboard! is at this link Overboard! is such a romp upon the seas, such fun. I wasn't sure if I was going to like a murder mystery game, but the game has nothing but charm. I love how it plays like a classic whodunnit with all the nuances of an indie game in it. I don't typically critique "worth it" value, but the game is memorable and replayable, so it definitely is. The choices-matter gameplay is legit and every character has lots of depth.  One of the top games I ever played.

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My brief review: Hey, I enjoyed this one quite a bit some time back. The illustrations and powerful storytelling really did it for me. I think a lot of people have probably experienced this type of scenario, especially back then, and it really made me think. I made a little video and write-up on my blog. Just wanted to share, and say thank you for making this!

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I love your guys' work. What a generous game to offer for free. Thank you so much! I maintain a little blog with free games, and I posted about Stargrove Scramble there today. That's the link above, if you're interested.

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Hi, just wanted to say that I played the game and I am equally intrigued by the artwork as much as the incredible challenge of the game! And why not, here is my humbling attempt to figure the game out while I recorded! I featured it on my blog too: 

Josh, I played your game Village Monsters, and have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The friendly monster theme really appealed to me as someone who likes similar town sims and loves unique characters in games. You've really done a great job with dialogue and environment exploration. To anybody interested, I showcased this game through Indie Game Collective on my blog here: It was really cool and I have nothing but positive things to say!

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My thoughts here: Before I simply gush excitedly about the game and the big news here, I have a little article I wrote about it back in the mid-phase of it all. It's just an earlier me getting stoked about playing indie games after trying loco-motive, but it's kind of funny because my wish for a full release in it basically is coming true.

When I saw that this was going live on Switch, I did a fist-pump and yelled "YES!" I've always adored this game, and it feels like a gift to see it happen. From the charming characters to the steam engine aesthetic, it has such a fun theme.  And you bet I want to play the steam chug out of the Switch version. I noticed the release is from Chucklefish too, totally on the Chucklefish wavelength right now, and I know you'll do well with them. I am so excited for you. Best wishes! :)

(2 edits) Trashy Rascal Studios, you've got my attention! If you're interested in reading one of the most hilarious times I've ever had with a game, I've compiled such a post on my blog, enjoy: 

This game is better than Tuesdays. Lasagna was one of the first ItchIO games I played. It was mind-bending how easily the shock of my squandered pasta fantasies took hold. I nearly fell off my chair when the monster walked by, and then I laughed my darn head off. :-O

Yeah, it is definitely horror, and it does that well, but I've had plenty of room for hilarity and amusement while playing it. Gosh, just such a great concept overall though.


Hey! I played this game some time ago after it came out, and still feel quite positive about it still. Every time I see the link for it pop up somewhere, I smile and think about my time playing it. It's such a button-masher, but dang if there isn't some strategy involved! I appreciate the continuation of this style of game and recommend it as a top pixel platformer (if you can call it that, this game defies convention really.) And the bartender gag is pretty amusing. I've compiled some similar thoughts over on my blog. If you all are interested in what's going on here, here's a link: Thank you so much!

Hi! This game rocks! I played this a few months ago and got really into it with the hybrid folksy/spooky/nature vibes and compatibility with my game preferences. It reminds me of a folklore-based expansion upon the classic Myst games. A favorite of mine and my group. If you're interested, I've compiled a full article on my experience with it, that fans, friends, and investigators might enjoy. Got some screens/video in there too. Best wishes!

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Hi! I've written some of my thoughts, along with sharing some gameplay over on my blog if you or anybody would like to see it: I picked up your visual novel with the ItchIO Bundle! I rather enjoyed the humor and illustrations in the game. I'd recommend it to anybody looking at this for a good cause, and a fun animal story. I enjoyed the surprise plot development. 

Best wishes!

Hi, just wanted to give a shout-out to this game and devs. I kinda shared something similar on Steam, but why not here too.

I wrote a little bit about this visual novel for my blog and provide some previews and outlines. Check it out if you like:

I played this last year when I was first getting into visual novels. I had never played anything quite like this before, and I found it to be entertaining and also surprisingly edgy! It's not really a dating sim in the traditional sense, but romance is involved, and choices DO matter! Honestly, I enjoyed it most for the great illustration, funny dialogue, and casual playtime required. The developers have just released a new game called Kiss Off too, which is supposed to have some similar charm. Don't take Bard Harder gameplay too seriously, but don't pass it up if it seems intriguing! It's a good romp.

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I have so much to say, but I'll shamelessly plug my blog, if you or anybody would like to read more of my thoughts on this brilliance, here's a link to some reflections on Superstorm Melon Date.

Superstorm Melon Date is an all-time favorite of mine, being one of the first visual novels I ever tried. From the super creative hand-drawn character/environment art to the revelation that in the right circumstances, a post-apocalyptic, hybrid melon person (Mel) could be interesting, hilarious, and honestly quite charming! This format seems like the perfect way to share a vision of the adaptability of humanity, even within the stretch of a half-melon humanoid society. No doubt it's a bit strange but so entertaining!

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😍 I enjoy this concept so much. If you're out there reading this and you want to play a very amusing concept, check out Monster Pub. I enjoyed the attention to each individual character's appearance and sound effects. I've written a lot more about it for my blog, if you're interested, I have written about it here:

Greetings Josh. I just wanted to say that this is a clever game idea and reminded me of actually working in fast food in the coziest way possible. I wrote about it on my blog a bit ago and I thought I'd just share it with you. Best wishes:

(1 edit)'s been ages, but this is still one of my favorite games of this genre--if there are any others! I especially appreciated the color theory of this game and just the illustration in general. I stayed up late to finish it and it was worth it (plus a bit spooky.) For what it's worth, this was my personal narrative that I wrote about experiencing this game. Thought I'd share. Best wishes.

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Hi LadyMeowSith. I have written an article about my experience with the demo for A Cottage Story a while back and would just like to share it here. I added a video above too. It's still such a delightful game and I wish you the best. 

I enjoyed this quite a bit. I've put some thoughts about the game up on my website. Here's the link Thank you for the intriguing game!

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Hi Ryan. I posted a gameplay video of your game on Twitter, and it is getting some major attention. I put together a write-up on my website: You are doing truly fantastic work here, best wishes.