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I wonder if the owner of this game can add new cars and new missions?

Hey XformsGames i found a small bug at burning ruber 4 because i saw a object is float in the air i cunt Climb into it can you please fix the small bug floating issue please .  :)

I just bought this game just now this morning is a fun open world game awsome. Keep it up XForm.   :)

The game was awsome but i can complet all mission in just 1 day cuz most of them they are too easy to take out them can one day this game can put it at PS4 or PS5? So you can make more money to grow your game fast then we can get more feature updates too awsome game very fun to play with keep it up. I just bought this game today only for $3.00 in asia cool very cool.

WoW, awsome game i just bought this game cuz this is my childhood game and i just love your game this game just so cheep and very fun game to play with so good job , keep it up employees devalopers good game.