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I just wanted to make a comment/request.. I'm sure it's not really what you want, but just food for thought. Being able to put markers on the map? Almost nothing goddamn greater in a metroidvania game. However, the one thing that would be slightly better... is being able to put markers down, and allow a short note to be attached. That way you could mark a spot, and attach a note like "can't reach item, double jump?". 

I've just found in the last few years when I play metroidvania games, I end up taking screenshots of the map occasionally, firing up Photoshop, and writing down notes myself. Just a thought!

Money, mine, take it, etc... You get the point. Keep up the great work!

By the way, is your screen name an Avatar TLA reference?

Bumpity bump; Can't wait for the full release. Finish it and take my damn money, and awesome job so far.

Nevermind! I just went for the purchase and had no problem entering that door. Maybe just a bug in the demo.

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I started playing the demo and getting into it, but it crashes every time I try to enter this door (image attached). Win 10 machine, relatively up to date.

I want to buy the game but am worried I'll have this issue here as well; it doesn't seem to be the end of the demo as hitting up here crashes to desktop. If the dev sees this, I'd appreciate some feedback on if they think this occurs in the full game or if they'd be willing to refund if I buy and can't make it past this point. 

I started a new game in the demo at Chapter 2 to see if it was a bug with the save file, and run right to this door, but it still causes CTD.