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Thanks for the answer!

Great concept! One of my favourites for the potential role play hooks.

I have one doubt about the armors rules: when it is written "-D6+1", the absorbed damage should be "-(D6+1)" from -2 to -7 or "(-D6)+1" from 0 to -5? I think the first one but a question is free, so...

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Thanks for the class! It reminds me of one character I used to play in Path of Exile (videogame). This sort of grim dark predator-ranger-archer is new and unique among the fan maded classes that I found.

I have some doubts about his abilities.
When and how should the player assign the random effects to the arrows? Can a single arrow have more than one effect at time, maybe enanching it at the end of the day and adding new effects the next day before the expire time? Can a player rolls for a day the same effect resulting in that case in only one magical buff?

Sorry for all the questions. I know that I can easily use the class with my rules but I would like to know also the opinion of the original creator ;-)