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Fun game you've made here Lixian, thanks for making it free for all! Love the hard mode addition and the extended ending too! Had a good sinking feeling the whole time :D

Hey there I played your demo during one of streams and I didn't realize there was a full version or that the original was nsfw LOL. Very nice touch on visual novel type games tho and I was interested in the story, maybe I'll check out the full game off camera lol. Thanks a bunch tho for making this sfw version demo!

Fun little horror you've made here, nice use of the nerf gun much more enjoyable than other mechanics in games like garten of banban or poppy playtime! I played it in my 4 scary games video if you'd like to check it out!

Had fun playing this kinda puzzle escape room horror type of game so thanks for making it. I included it in my 4 scary games video! Best of luck to you!

That's awesome to hear and no worries I'll probably play it again sometime so I can appreciate it more! I edited the video but the bug got me a lot lol and it did damper the experience so I'm glad nobody else will deal with it, always great to see a dev who cares and tries so hard!

So much potential for a longer game here! Very nice and creepy, thanks for making it! Good luck with whatever you do next!

Nice little scary game you've made and thanks for letting us all play it!

Nice Game, but damn that pizza order wtf 

Had some fun with the full game Although I ran into a game breaking bug where if I interacted too much or before a prompt it would just break. Aside from that tho great music and interesting short game.

Very fun as usual from these types of games, the added mandela catalogue spin adds to the creepiness for me. I gotta come back to this and beat it tho and try hardmode for real! 3rd game in video at 30 min! Thanks for making this tho very good!

Second game in the video at 19 min in. This was a fantastic prologue honestly still had a lot of mystery and I love the old school camera angles third person. The scares actually got me too lol. Really interested to see where this goes!

Hey there I really enjoyed the little buildup you've got here and it definitely pays off, thanks for not making the mundane tasks too slow tho! Very interesting game btw too. Good luck on your next game I'm sure it'll be good! This is the first game in my video

Great Puzzle Horror game guys! Been playing and following since the first version of the game. Been awesome getting all the endings figuring things out and seeing it all! Can't wait to see a sequel or maybe a new project!

Hey thanks for making this it's such a crazy reimagining and it's so well done. Hard as hell just like I imagine if it was an arcade game.

I had so much fun playing this so thanks a lot for making it! Scared the shit out of me just as much as the og maybe more lol. 

Hey there I played your game and it was great! Love the art and the edgy dark humor mixed into this tragic and "romantic" tale. I'll definitely play the longer version whenever you finish it! Thanks for making this tho it was fun

Hey there Zed I know it's been a little bit but thanks for making this and getting it out! I really enjoyed this one and it's tough mode felt like it really did make it harder. I got all endings and the little secret callback was nice too! The game is definitely worth the dollar to anyone out there!

I played this really close to when you released it but forgot to upload it lol. I really enjoyed this unique game you've made and would love a longer version but this alone was really interesting and fun! Best of luck!

Had fun playin your game as a light hearted end to my super scary games streak, obviously very serious so thanks! Gettin all the endings was funny as I was thinking a bit too hard, I had to take a step back lol.

God I was avoiding this game for a while but finally got the balls to play it and a few other super scary games and this got me a couple times lol, good game hope for more bite size terrors!

Really nice job on this, I personally love the narration as it gives a false sense of security like in Fears to Fathom! Here's my playthrough with a few other games

Hey There what a great horror you've made here it got me good lol. I actually delayed playing it for so long cuz of how scary it sounded and it didn't disappoint! Here's my playthrough with some other super scary games!

Had fun with the game and that's all I can really ask for when playing these cheap horror games! Hope to see more improvement as your game series evolves! This one was definitely a step in the right direction!

For anyone looking to watch the second game here's my playthrough with both tapes and secrets! For the Devs thanks for making these games and keeping it cheap, I don't think you deserve the hate you're getting at all. I've played some of your older games and props to you guys for doing something different. Best of luck on the rest of them!

Hey there I was recommended this game by a viewer and decided to try it out. I had a lot of fun playing your demo and really like the 3 routes you're making. Good luck on the full version!

Played a couple analog horror games here and yours and I thought it was good! I gotta say more inspired than some other games out there and very chilling!

Hey there, I got into the whole Mandela Catalogue and ended up playing some games including yours which was great loved the ending gave me a good scare and good tension!

Hey there I played your demo a while back and it was surprisingly long for a demo and pretty good imo! I see you're going to release an extended demo so best of luck I bet it'll be amazing! Personally I think this had some pretty funny moments but hopefully we see some more murder vibes and meaningful choices!

Hey There little late to this game but honestly was amazing! I really enjoyed it, it wasn't scary at all to me but game mechanics were solid and maybe a "tough" mode like in your man from the window 2 would make it better but I loved the dialogue and the concept was great! I like that you tried to give us a little jumpscare a couple times and all the death scenes and regular cutscenes and endings were GREAT! Anyways thanks for letting everyone play your games free I def woulda paid for this.

Played this with a few other scary games and it didn't disappoint! I personally love these short creepy mandela catalogue inspired games! Got 900 score but if idk if it could go higher?

Lovely new demo you've made here! Can't wait for the full release, I'm really hoping all those puzzles aren't solvable except the main one! I couldn't see any other hints tho but best of luck to those who try! 

Had fun with this so thanks for making it! Quite brutal for Squidward tho LOL

Hey there! I played this and got all the endings, it was pretty hard to get a certain one but I managed to get in eventually! My only criticism is the ear raping for an extremely long time, I get loud sounds but that was extreme for anyone I'm sure. Anyways Thanks it was great otherwise!

Hey I played this when it first came out and I guess I hit a gamebreaking bug? Or the game ended like that but anyways it was funny so thanks! 

Hey I played your game for a scary games video and it got me good! Thanks for making this it was fun. 

Pretty surprised to see a sequel and I really enjoyed the cutscenes and hard mode for this! Would've liked to see more creepy peeping of the Man and the removal of obstacles blocking him is a darn shame but overall good game!

Truly a scary story, I liked a lot that this one was kinda vague on what we needed to do to survive! Thanks for continuing these great games best of luck on the next! 

Once again another great game longer this time too but still just as creepy and scary.  I'll definitely be playing Carson house next! Here's my video

Hi there I absolutely love these games man, really good job capturing that horrific feeling like we're actually being intruded on! Here's my video for anyone but seriously play the game yourself it's awesome