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This demo is so good! Gives you a really nice taste of the game and personally I loved the humor and the monster boys too! The art was also very good btw and I loved the little chibi popin and the comic book like popups too! Best of luck on the full game I'll definitely be there!

While I do prefer your other games more this one first part was still pretty good and I hope the rest of the development goes good for ya!

I like your spoopy game :D

What a game lol. I hope the team didn't struggle too much to make this after the delays but it was definitely good! Wish it had a save system or at least a skip function but other than that all I want now is to see you guys get those ratings!

Hi there! I played the game on my stream and really enjoyed the artwork of it which caught my eye! The english translation is pretty decent I understood most of the dialogue except some lines. I hope to see your full game one day tho for sure, good luck on the development!

Actually pretty excited for this remake! I watched the original when it came out from a youtuber and I didn't even know there was more to it. Now I can't wait to play the new one and figure out the puzzles! Best of luck with development!

Hey no worries personally I would prefer you to not think about things like youtube LOL. I just wanted to make sure you understood why I cut it. I think for a story like this you gotta be fully committed and unfiltered for it to work well so best of luck!

Actually such a dark tragic story, it made so many people in my chat freak out. I was really invested in it tho, you did such a good job with the art and the story! I wouldn't mind a harsher warning before playing but honestly for youtube I cut out the WORST bits just cuz youtube can be very fickle about this sort of stuff. Anyways Can't wait for ch.1 and 2 wish the best of luck!

Had a viewer recommend this game to me and I'm glad I took the time to play it! Super cute and fun, great soundtrack too! As others have said maybe we'll get Sheepy: A Long Adventure one day ? :D

Every kinda cute boy is a femboy to my chat lol sorry. Also Lavindare just wanted to say thanks a lot, your game is SO PRETTY and she jumped to playing it as soon as I showed it to her!

Hey I played your game and it was really good! I'd love to see more art of the two boys! I also loved the banter between them it was sooo good! I'd love to see more of them in general cuz they're so cute! My channel artist Lavindare also loved the game and the boys so much they got right away at working on the thumbnail art!

Ngl I saw the twist a little but it was so good for a short little game and I would love to see it fleshed out a bit more but for the game jam time this was rly good! Best of luck on your main project!

Very beautiful and a good message as well! I liked it and even tho it was short I wanted more people to see it! Great art btw I loved it!

Did not expect it to jump so much from this one LOL thanks for making this tho it was fun!

Weird game! I enjoyed it tho and it was really funny! Thanks for making it!

Your game actually pierced my soul with terror :D Thanks it was super scary!

Hey thanks for making this game! It was really cute and downright horrifying! Best of luck on future games! I'd definitely pay for your games at this point lol

Very funny and relatable game! Thanks for making it!

Very good game! I loved it, and personally really enjoyed the "cringe" parts as they were just really real lol. Great storyline to follow too! Also thanks for the little sale too that's really awesome of you!

I've never played the original version but this has definitely caught my interest! Alan is super cute would love to see how this changes lol

Great game! thanks for making it! 

HAHAHA Someone just told me this and I thought it was so funny. I'll replay the game soon and re-upload the video thanks for letting me know! It rly seemed ok tho of a start I won't lie I just thought it was cuz it was a prologue lol

Really loved the art style for the game and it caught my eye! While English translation could use some work it was very interesting for a prologue and I can't wait to see the full game! Best of luck on development!

Can't wait to see some updates but this has a lotta promise! I gotta go back to see some more of that certain strange man! Best of luck on development!

This was really fun! I loved the twist in one of those endings! Oh and the animal trait thing was a rly cool concept for this! Best of luck on future updates! I'll definitely check them out!

Very dark game but interesting and a little kinky eh? Felt a little rushed but probably for game jam deadlines I assume! Thanks for making this it was definitely interesting!

This was really fun! Headlocker never disappoints! I loved this one and I can't wait to see the future monsters and their antics! Best of luck on the development!

Thought this was very interesting on first glance and I'm glad I checked it out! Very interesting and I can't wait to see where it goes! Best of luck on the development!

Hi! I loved how cute this game was! She's perfect and I'd love to see where this goes further! Also thanks for the extra bit at the end I love to see concept art like that!

Very good art and funny little game!

Thanks for making this and I'm sorry to hear you're not making games anymore but what you did do is great! I'll definitely check out your other game sometime too!

Hey I've played your other games and my chat rly likes your art style LOL. I had a lot of fun with this too love the full degen it's definitely not for everyone but I think it's funny! Had some problems with the secret ending but I am happy with these endings MC was not cool :D

First game in the video! I waited a while before playing this and I really didn't expect it to be so vague for a demo! Not a bad thing btw I can see how interesting this is gonna be when the full release comes! It was very scary for a demo I wish the best on the project!

3rd game in the video! Pretty spooky and I love turning these creepy pastas into games! The jumpscare got me pretty good too nice!

Lotta fun with this game real suspenseful even when you know it's coming it was really scary! Second game in my video!

Had some fun playing your game! Love showing that mental illness side of the Yandere a bit and how our character was a little sympathetic! Finding out what the door scratches meant was also rly good! Anyways thanks for making this small little game!

I had a little bit of trouble understanding the english a bit but I think I got the gist of the story playing and I really liked his Victorian outfit lol. Very interesting twist for the plot! Best of luck on the full version!

Oh uh triple Yeast for some reason like just let me skip actually getting the right ingredients! It wouldn't let me get the good ending tho only the normal RIP LOL

Had a lot of fun with this one, getting the good ending was a little confusing but it was fun and figuring the cheat code was hilarious too! Really good visual novel you've made here!