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I enjoyed this game. It was atmospheric, and had an interesting story. I just wish I didn't have to drop the candle when I got a key and then go back for it. other than that, great game :D

What a delightfully unnerving game this was...

I liked it. It was a pleasant and creepy experience. Just the way I like my spooky games.

This was just as hard as I remember Resident Evil 4 actually being. But it was also just as good. Great Work :D

The ending was so cryptic and perfect. This game may have only been an hour long, but it is ABSOLUTELY an instant and forever favorite of mine.

This was a weird game, and I LOVE weird games. Stabbing ghosts, a window to another world, and eyeballs watching my every move... what wasn't to love? Great work :D


I absolutely loved this game! Something about it really just clicked with me and I couldn't get enough of it. It was the perfect balance of challenge and skill. And then the story was so mysterious and engaging. Great work :D 10/10

I loved this! It was such a cute little concept and all I wanted was the best for the trash bin... until it got to the internet. Great work :D

This was such a strange game. I liked it, but it gave mes bad vibes. Great work

This game was really cool! I liked that it used atmosphere more than jump scares and monsters. Also the mechanics worked really well. Great work :D

I cannot put into words how much I loved this game. It was just so well made. Everything gave me goosebumps and i was always on edge. Great work :D

This was really well done. I couldn't imagine what this is like with the actual disorder. Great work

What a ride this was! I didn't have any clue what was happening, then it was all so clear and so weird. Loved it :D

This took a weird turn real fast! I loved it though. Great Work :D

I honestly try not to judge a game based on the art. I gave 90% of the games i see a chance. I'm really glad this one worked out, I absolutely loved it. This game was well done and well worth the playtime.

I really like this idea. I just wish there were more. The thought of random clowns terrifies me... Great work :D

I honestly didn't think I was gonna like this game as much as I did! The controls were really tight and every failure felt like my own fault and not the game's. Great work 

This game was really cool. I didn't really know what to expect from it, but I liked it!

What a ride that was! it was like a choose your own adventure game, but waaay better. Great work :D

I loved it! It felt so nice to play and game me a Jak & Daxter vibe with how colorful and lively the world was. Great work :D

This was fun! I loved the silliness of the scenario, and the mechanics worked so well to make it all the funnier

What a sad game. I loved the way it looks, and I like how eerie it was

What an amazing game! I loved the humor and simplicity

This was fun! I just wish there was more of a challenge to it. Great worth never the less :D

So far I love all your games. They are so weird and fun

This was really cool. I never played the original, but I loved how you made it 3D but kept it all pixels. Great work :D

I remember when the first version of this game was out. It was hard, and hasnt gotten any easier. Great work :D 

This was great! I thought it was just gonna be a neat little story and adventure, but it was so rich in the end. Great work :D

This was super fun! I love this type of stuff :D

I liked this. It was a fun little cooking sim, and then... I cooked a foot. 10/10 would cook human flesh again :D

This was great! It was so fun and such a simple concept. Great work :D

I almost gave up right before the end. I'm glad i pressed on! Great work :D

Whats not to love about being a cat who destroys things? Great work :D

Nothing is better than an indie game like this. it's so weird and out there that i can't help but love it

I loved this game. I always put it off for no reason, and I'm glad I finally made time for it!

Shiver me timbers, what a fun game! Short and sweet, just how i like my indie games :D

I loved it! I got to play as a bear, push kids over, and destroy things :D 11/10

This game was cut and fun 

This was nice. I enjoyed the story, and related just enough to really feel immersed

This was one of those games that Just sucked me in. I immediately fell in love with the visuals and how weird it was