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I think after this game I can safely say that I am the GREATEST babysitter!

Was not expecting Jason to be here!

What a fun game about taxes! Who knew they were so easy to do?

This game was real fun and adorable!

I really didn't know what was about to happen after each question. great atmosphere!

I love silly little games like this! Great work :D

I loved this! It was so fun and fast paced. Great work :D

It's a cute little game. Great work :D

Absolutely amazing! It was such a fun game. Great Work :D

Absolutely adorable! It was such a fun game. Great Work :D

This reminds me of those early flash games. What a weird nostalgia trip

Its a game about peeing. It's a weird game about peeing.

This was fun. It was easy to get into it, and didn't have a bunch of mechanics that most games like this tend to have. Great work :D

I haven't had this much fun with a game in a long time! It just worked so well. The visuals, the game play

, the humor, all fantastic

This was super fun! The controls were tight, and the environment

was pleasing. I wish i had had more time to fully complete it.

I liked it. I wish i knew more of the story, and what was truly going on, but this was just enough to make me interested in the potential lore. Great work :D

Ah, it was just as cool as your last game! I love the style and creepy atmosphere. Great work :D

I love everytime I find an indie game that looks like its gonna be a trip, and then is so much better than I was even imagining. Great work :D

Great game! It was super fun, visually appealing, and controlled perfectly for a platformer :D

What a wild ride, with an ending I never expected! Great work :D

This is a super fun game! Every once in a while i find an Indie gem, and this definitely is one. Great work :D

This is as fun as I was hoping it would be! Something about the gameplay really just clicked and I had a blast. Great work :D

This is one of those games where I went in expecting it to be a cute little game and I come out with several questions, all unanswered... great work :D

It's just one of those games that you know is gonna drag you in and be wonderful before you even play it. And I was right! Great work :D

I always love a good bowling game. I havent had this kuch fun with one since Wii Sports, and that says a lot. Great work :D

I wish I was good at typing so that I could have properly enjoyed this game. Instead it was stressful and hard. Great game anyways!

This is the type of indie game that I absolutely love. It's weird, its vague, and i have a thousand questions by the end of it.

I loved how this game looked. And I loved how it played. And I loved all of it I think... Great work :D

This game took me to a weird place mentally. I had a few awakenings, breakdowns, and some boredom. Good game though :D

This game is called "Eat The Rich" yet i did not eat any rich people... you have betrayed my trust. But it was a good game so all is forgiven. For now...

I'm so glad this game was not as rage inducing as I feared, otherwise I 100% would have given up real early. Great work, and nice challenge balance :D

I liked it. I just wish there was a little more of that good spooky stuff. But great job anyways!

I did not know this game was gonna be this adorable! Or even this challenging. Great work :D

This game was so cute, I loved it. Great work :D

This was amazing! Who knew I should have been a blacksmith? Great work :D

This was a very funny game. It had its moments of glitches (and the camera, my god) but i liked it. Great work :D

This was about as gross and weird as it looked.  I rewally enjoyed it

I wish there was more to this! I really enjoyed what there was though. Great work!