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It's a cute little game. Great work :D

Absolutely amazing! It was such a fun game. Great Work :D

Absolutely adorable! It was such a fun game. Great Work :D

This reminds me of those early flash games. What a weird nostalgia trip

Its a game about peeing. It's a weird game about peeing.

This was fun. It was easy to get into it, and didn't have a bunch of mechanics that most games like this tend to have. Great work :D

I haven't had this much fun with a game in a long time! It just worked so well. The visuals, the game play

, the humor, all fantastic

This was super fun! The controls were tight, and the environment

was pleasing. I wish i had had more time to fully complete it.

I liked it. I wish i knew more of the story, and what was truly going on, but this was just enough to make me interested in the potential lore. Great work :D

Ah, it was just as cool as your last game! I love the style and creepy atmosphere. Great work :D

I love everytime I find an indie game that looks like its gonna be a trip, and then is so much better than I was even imagining. Great work :D

Great game! It was super fun, visually appealing, and controlled perfectly for a platformer :D

What a wild ride, with an ending I never expected! Great work :D

This is a super fun game! Every once in a while i find an Indie gem, and this definitely is one. Great work :D

This is as fun as I was hoping it would be! Something about the gameplay really just clicked and I had a blast. Great work :D

This is one of those games where I went in expecting it to be a cute little game and I come out with several questions, all unanswered... great work :D

It's just one of those games that you know is gonna drag you in and be wonderful before you even play it. And I was right! Great work :D

I always love a good bowling game. I havent had this kuch fun with one since Wii Sports, and that says a lot. Great work :D

I wish I was good at typing so that I could have properly enjoyed this game. Instead it was stressful and hard. Great game anyways!

This is the type of indie game that I absolutely love. It's weird, its vague, and i have a thousand questions by the end of it.

I loved how this game looked. And I loved how it played. And I loved all of it I think... Great work :D

This game took me to a weird place mentally. I had a few awakenings, breakdowns, and some boredom. Good game though :D

This game is called "Eat The Rich" yet i did not eat any rich people... you have betrayed my trust. But it was a good game so all is forgiven. For now...

I'm so glad this game was not as rage inducing as I feared, otherwise I 100% would have given up real early. Great work, and nice challenge balance :D

I liked it. I just wish there was a little more of that good spooky stuff. But great job anyways!

I did not know this game was gonna be this adorable! Or even this challenging. Great work :D

This game was so cute, I loved it. Great work :D

This was amazing! Who knew I should have been a blacksmith? Great work :D

This was a very funny game. It had its moments of glitches (and the camera, my god) but i liked it. Great work :D

This was about as gross and weird as it looked.  I rewally enjoyed it

I wish there was more to this! I really enjoyed what there was though. Great work!

This was quite the experience. I'm not super sure what was happening though

Great job once again! It looks better, it plays better, it IS better. I loved it just as much as the first time and i will eventually get around to playing the full thing :D

This game works perfectly for what it is. I just wish there had been a checkpoint along the way. When I failed I just couldn't bring myself to do it all again. But great work either way :D

As far as text based games go, this one was definitely the best I've ever played! And as far as all games go, this is pretty great still.

This was one of the worst experiences of my life. This was perfectly crafted. The sounds, the worm... Great work :D

I can really see potential with this. I love the suspense of not knowing where your enemies are. Great work :D

This wasn't what I thought it was gonna be. I liked it a lot better that way. Great work :D