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This game works perfectly for what it is. I just wish there had been a checkpoint along the way. When I failed I just couldn't bring myself to do it all again. But great work either way :D

As far as text based games go, this one was definitely the best I've ever played! And as far as all games go, this is pretty great still.

This was one of the worst experiences of my life. This was perfectly crafted. The sounds, the worm... Great work :D

I can really see potential with this. I love the suspense of not knowing where your enemies are. Great work :D

This wasn't what I thought it was gonna be. I liked it a lot better that way. Great work :D

This was amazing. Everything looked great, the gameplay was good, and the story was interesting!

This game had everything I LOVED: Corgis, space, nighttime. It also had a circus, which I don't hate, but don;t like. Great work :D

I was just trying to be the best robot I could. But no, you had to make it hard for me! Great work, I loved it :D

This game was much heavier and real than i was expecting. But it was also really good, and had an important message. I'm glad i experienced this

This was a fun little game. I could definitely see it being expanded into something much more engaging. Great work :D

Loved it! It was a little difficult to control at times, but I see lots of potential for it. Great work :D

This was adorable! I'm so glad it had a happy ending and not what I was scared of the whole time.

This was really good. I wish there was more! I could see it being such a creepy game. Great work :D

A classic murder mystery! This was well made. I loved how it looked, and apparently it wasn't as easy as I thought. Great work :D

I love adorable games like this. There's no challenge, no spooks. just pure enjoyment. Great work :D

I absolutely loved this. The art style was really appealing, and the simple mechanics just made it work. Great work :D

This game was really interesting. I didn't expect to end up where it did, but it was really engaging. Great work :D

I really liked the way this game played. The controls felt really nice, and throwing a sword is always fun. Great work :D

This game was super weird and that's my FAVORITE! It gave me a strong Salad Fingers vibe and that made it all the better. Great work :D

I loved this. The mechanic was something I don't think I've seen before, and it worked really well! Great work :D

This was very unsettling. I love games like this though, they're always super interesting. Great work :D

This was an interesting concept. I have no idea if its even possible to complete it.

This was a fun game. It could use a little polish, and I just wish there was more to it. Great work though :D

I enjoyed this game. It was atmospheric, and had an interesting story. I just wish I didn't have to drop the candle when I got a key and then go back for it. other than that, great game :D

What a delightfully unnerving game this was...

I liked it. It was a pleasant and creepy experience. Just the way I like my spooky games.

This was just as hard as I remember Resident Evil 4 actually being. But it was also just as good. Great Work :D

The ending was so cryptic and perfect. This game may have only been an hour long, but it is ABSOLUTELY an instant and forever favorite of mine.

This was a weird game, and I LOVE weird games. Stabbing ghosts, a window to another world, and eyeballs watching my every move... what wasn't to love? Great work :D


I absolutely loved this game! Something about it really just clicked with me and I couldn't get enough of it. It was the perfect balance of challenge and skill. And then the story was so mysterious and engaging. Great work :D 10/10

I loved this! It was such a cute little concept and all I wanted was the best for the trash bin... until it got to the internet. Great work :D

This was such a strange game. I liked it, but it gave mes bad vibes. Great work

This game was really cool! I liked that it used atmosphere more than jump scares and monsters. Also the mechanics worked really well. Great work :D

I cannot put into words how much I loved this game. It was just so well made. Everything gave me goosebumps and i was always on edge. Great work :D

This was really well done. I couldn't imagine what this is like with the actual disorder. Great work

What a ride this was! I didn't have any clue what was happening, then it was all so clear and so weird. Loved it :D

This took a weird turn real fast! I loved it though. Great Work :D

I honestly try not to judge a game based on the art. I gave 90% of the games i see a chance. I'm really glad this one worked out, I absolutely loved it. This game was well done and well worth the playtime.

I really like this idea. I just wish there were more. The thought of random clowns terrifies me... Great work :D

I honestly didn't think I was gonna like this game as much as I did! The controls were really tight and every failure felt like my own fault and not the game's. Great work