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This was super interesting, I love me a good SCP

absolutely loved this game

Super fun, cant wait to see where this goes from here!

Super fun!

Perfect blend of spooky, but not too spooky for me to play it

this gave me so much anxiety, what a fun game!

The moment when I realized I could look around the room was so scary 

This is exactly what I thought it was gonna be. Perfection!

Just as weird as the first, love it

This got real sketchy real quick. I loved it

This game was incredible, so so stressful

This was way darker than I ever thought it could get

Did not realize this game was gonna be about dinosaurs... was also not disappointed by that

Absolutely love the amount of chaos and destruction! Also the freedom to get creative with the vehicles is awesome

What a fun game about having a totally normal job

If I had a nickel for every toilet based indie game I've played recently, I'd have 2 nickels

absolutely amazing game. I love a good click point and click puzzle

This was such a fun game with an amazing mechanic. Really reminds me of playing flash games back in the day

I love a spooky grocery shopping game

This was fun, definitely worth playing

I absolutely love how much has been packed into just one area, Great game

It was weird, it was wild, it was PERFECT

A weird Christmas game? SIGN ME UP

With a game this weird you know its a masterpiece

I'm so glad I finally learned how to build a snowman

PRetty solid, quick and fun

I just wish this had been a tad bit longer

The atmosphere that this game IMMEDIATELY created was astounding

Did i realize this was a game about a murderous shopping cart? No. Did i like that it was about a murderous shopping cart? Very much

This game was pretty dope, great atmosphere

Something about this game really clicked and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT

Truly a unique experience

I missed stuff?? I was just so excited to do painting and was so afraid of getting spooked the whole time😅

i enjoyed the art aspect of this game way more thani thought i would

Short, simple, and to the point

It was so nice to play such a cute little game where nothing scary happened at all. What a relief!

My favorite thing about this game was the secret ending I instinctively got

I love a weird game, always the best stuff comes from it!

What a fun story about a descent into obsession and madness

I played this game, and I think i can safely say something WAS in the woods