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This game was great. It was as floppy, difficult, and weird as i was hoping it would be. Can't wait for more :D

You guys really did a great job with this game! I absolutely loved all the things you've added. Its fun, visually appealing, and the mechanics work very well, especially when I can just destroy everything :D

This game was such a trip. The world has so much depth and you only gave us the surface of it! I NEED TO KNOW MORE

This was really fun. Exactly as annoying to control as I expected. Great work :D

This game was a lot of fun for how simple it was. I loved the story (Not because I too love space) but because it was so wholesome

What a frustrating game. I just wanted to hide the body parts BUT THEY WOULDN'T STOP FLYING EVERYWHERE... good game 

This was a fun little game

This game was really fun! The art style looked amazing, and I just loved how it felt to play. I truly fell in love with this while paying with it and I can't wait for more :D

Something about the art style of this game made me immediately fall in love with it. Even the story got me hooked and it was just images!

This game was super fun! The levels were rally well designed and the perfect challenge, great work :D

This is an amazing game. I loved playing it! It just clicked so well with me

This was one of those games I just put off for no reason. I regret that decision. It was so beautifully weird and I loved it :D

This game was really cool. I just wish there were more levels! There's so much potential with being able to change into objects. Great work :D

This game perfectly expresses how I feel every morning. Great work!

Oh Sonic, how your fan games are always the best. Great work, game me nightmares 10/10

This game is really hard. I like it, it's just hard to progress without being tedious and that was the only downside

Oh how I adored this game! I absolutely loved running around trying to murder innocent food. Great Work :D

This game was a lot of fun to play, once I figured out what was going on. I had a BLAST

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Loved it. It was such a well executed concept

I don't know why I waited so long to play this. It's SUPER FUN. I absolutely loved it

This game was fun. Not too easy, but not too challenging. Great work :D

I'm really glad I played this. It was a nice break from the usual games I play. It had an important message and portrayed it in a really nice way

This was even better than the first one!

This game was really fun. Normally I don't play games like this, but something about this one caught my attention and just kept me interested the whole time. So it must be just that good :D


I absolutely loved this game! I haven't had this much fun with a game in a while. The mechanics worked so smoothly and perfectly with the level design. Great work :D

This game was really fun, and I loved the classic Contra flip jump! Could use some fine tunings, but great over all!

I was terrible at this game. It was a fun concept and looked amazing, I was just garbage!

This game was really cute and I loved it!

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Boy howdy was I just pure garbage at this game. it's really good though, I just can't type to save my life!

Not today you creepy angler! Good game

This game was so weird. I have so many questions, yet so many I don't want answers too... I loved it

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What a cool game. It was so peaceful and relaxing, yet violent!

Simple Graphics? Check. Silly Concept? Check. Simple Execution? Check.  Perfect Indie game!

This was a fun little game. I tried my hardest to break it, and I did!

I loved this game so much... I just couldn't save all the piggies ;_;

This game was really cute and fun! It reminded me of my days playing Flash games :D

I'll have to check it out!

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This game was cool. It really had a sense of hopelessness. I didn't go crazy in the woods or anything...

This was fun, and simple. I liked the humor :D

I really enjoyed this game, especially when I broke it a little ;_;