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Thanks I tinker with twine in my spare moments and would like to make a game sometime and I really enjoyed the story.  Hopefully when I am done, you guys give it a crack but until then just watch what else I got on my channel okay, Yes it was a cheap plug, but seriously thank you for doing this and you have a good day.

Hey, I am bad at these sort of games so take the deaths in the video as just user error, but  I found the world simple in view but with plenty of detail and oddly engrossing. I hope you add more stuff to it as I had a lot of fun learning the little nuances to the battle system and even being splattered to the four winds.

I had fun with this and the little writer in me was making stories about the items as it went on. Great for getting little ideas about plot items. I also did a video on it that I hope you enjoy here. 

Despite this being a demo I hope that this does get finished and I had a lot of fun playing what there was of it. I also made a video that I hope makes itself useful for you on your quest to make this a full game.

How did you get started on the pico-8 and how did you decide to deisgn a game on that system. I do not know a whole lot about it but it seems like you can do something like a pico - 8 arcade machine and have people design games for it. How long did it take you to start work on a project like this? Questions aside I found the game taps in to the nostalgia vein in style while still being new in mechanic (to me at least) Does not mean I am good at it in the slightest though. Made a video that I hope you can use or at least find good for a laugh

I enjoyed this little piece of sci-fi detective adventure. Quick question as twine is an engine I am interested with tinkering with. Did you write the story first and if so how did you write it because I am still flummoxed on this also I did a vid, that I hope you enjoy. 

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Ok, if you are really wondering whether to play this, look at the people who had put their time in to showing this game on their channels. Do you see angry faces, no you don't. Here is my video go play the game.

One of the most unique aesthetics I have seen this year. It plays well and it allows people of many different gaming styles to give it a crack with their own playstyle.That is always a good sign for a role playing game as often times you can feel blocked in to a style less of your own design. In short give it a play.

I really enjoyed the art style, and the puzzle format was easy enough for people to catch while still having some teeth in later levels making it a nice snacky puzzle game that people should play.

Can someone tell me what the statements that flash that go across the screen, because honestly the curious cat in me was trying to crack it while trying to juggle everything else going in my world.

Sometimes you don't need surprises, you do not need to have little twists sometimes and for all the times they have been done so poorly it is refreshing to see a game that is so content with what it is. This is a game that is nothing more then what it says on the tin, and that is all it needs to be, an arcade style shooty-bomby flight through space with growing levels of enemies and projectiles. In the style of food there is so many bad beef wellingtons mad in the world that sometimes a well made burger is the pinnacle of culinary experience on that day.

So if you enjoy schadenfreude then you will absolutely enjoy this video about an adventurer who wants to get intimate with an entire family of spikes despite the risk to bodily harm. They also pair up with the spikes to find a key from the evil heat seeking thwomp clan who wish to squish the adventurer against his love.

Dik dik van Dik goes to college and is a playable character seemingly, but despite the joke. It is a very respectable platformer where clouds are being more problematic, but the running style makes for an easy learning curve despite all the obstacles.

Ok, for those who are not familiar if they will like this game, let us do this little quiz. Do you like Metroid? Then download the demo. Do you like spaceships? Download the demo. Do you have some money and are sick of games rehashing everything? Download the demo and give them money yesterday. Glad we had this test, now that I think you got some business to attend to.

Played a bit of the game (did not finish it on video) and did something that you can all hopefully enjoy. Although I will say that at the beginning Cole is the kind of person I could see yelling bro, and trying to get drunk off of jello shots. I will say that it brought me a little bit of dark humor in the beginning to see him have problems from the extra info you can get from clicking on items. Abominable is anything but and could warm some people to a game style they may not of thought about before.

Full warning, I suck at this sort of game, but I did enjoy the different mechanics even though the jetpack always had about a quarter more fuel than it actually does. I think that is just me trying to fly a jet pack instead of walk, because really who wouldn't make that mistake at first :D

I think those pipes are clearly a workspace safety violation, does the enemies really need work that bad, that is so sad. :P Goofiness not aside here is more of a review for you.

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So here is the video of the review of your game. I got a couple golds which is better than what I thought I would get and I hope you enjoy the video.

Did a video review showing my utter lack of skill at this, I hope you enjoy it.

Did a video review showing my utter lack of skill at this, I hope you enjoy it.

So before any major fighting game fan tries to put my head on a pike, yes I suck at this. Fighting games are something like my ability to fly I just really hit some buttons, try some things and hope for the best. Luckily I did not need a bachelor's degree to play this game and had some fun despite not knowing what I was doing in the slightest. It was strange to see a fighting game here, but what was curiosity was to me this seemed to have a very good set of bones in the actions and the controls. Obviously it needs more characters and maybe a little more spirit in the art style, but what is already there is a good start. Below I did a video review, and I hope you at best enjoy the review and at worst just laugh at my ineptitude at this style of games.

Really wanted to play this. None of the downloads worked for me. Sadness.