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plz keep this idea it has a lot of potential and I wouldn't want to see it ditched

nevermind it worked

Optimum Link community · Created a new topic Won't launch

I have downloaded it but when I launch the file, it stays on a black screen. I am on a mac by the way.

Great game! Keep working!

JNI, the easter update (update 6) has caused all kinds of bugs such as in the custom battle there automatically is 999 troops, and all the buildings are invisible in the builder screen. please take a look at the bugs, thank you

Can you please fix the way that all range weapons look when you hold them. The are too far down on the screen, and could you please a working aiming system. It doesn't necessarily mean that when you aim you look down the sights, you could just make the screen zoom a little. Also, please add a way to place siege weapons on boats. Also I have a suggestion for the harpoon/for a new weapon. It could work as some sort of grappling hook that could either pull you to the thing you grapple, pull the thing you grappled to you (such as pulling the boat you grappled towards your boat), or lastly it could create some sort of zip line that could be used by you or your teammates.

Can you please add a back button, or any other way out of the controls settings


I absolutely love this game, but as a suggestion, you should totally add remote dynamite! It would add a great element to the game!