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Really enjoyed playing through the Demo. Loved the style and music and looking forward to where the game goes next.

Just uploaded my playthrough to YouTube. Enjoyed it, the notebook mechanics really encourage you to read everything carefully, rather than skimming things. I did have a bit of luck with the door handle though - see the end of the playthrough for details (I don't want to spoil things here). Good job all round though! 

I've just posted my playthrough to YouTube with a few of my thoughts on the game - hope it's of some use in the future development.

The second part of my playthrough is now on YouTube. Felt like I was getting the hang of using the cards by the end and enjoying the way you are encouraged to learn about the world. Looking forward to more...

I've just played through the first part to become a witch. Enjoying it so far, although it's taking a bit of time to get my head around the 'words' and 'keys'. Looking forward to the rest.

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Really enjoyed TimeOut. The art style is so distinctive and the world you have created really evocative. Hope to see more from you in the future. Got a copywrite claim on expected :)