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[This is for everyone wondering what that obfuscated code @Ded Cat posted was all about :)]

emptyList = []

# Ybbc guebhtu nyy cbffvoyr pbqrf naq zngpu gurz gb gurve uvag nafjref

# Loop through all possible codes and match them to their hint answers

for i in range(0, 10000):
    listComprehension = [int(every) for every in str(i).zfill(4)]

    # Uvagf 1 naq 4 arrq gb or snyfr sbe erqhaqnapl

    # Hints 1 and 4 need to be false for redundancy

    magicList = [False, False, False]

    if listComprehension[0] == 1 or listComprehension[0] % 2 == 0:


    if listComprehension[1] == 2:

        magicList[0] = True
    if listComprehension[2] == 3:

        magicList[1] = True

    if listComprehension[3] > sum(listComprehension[:3]):

        magicList[2] = True

    emptyList.append([listComprehension, magicList])

# Pbhag bppheeraprf bs rnpu havdhr uvag

# Count occurrences of each unique hint

myDictionary = {}

for randomSymbol, magicList in emptyList:

    magicListTuple = tuple(magicList)

    myDictionary[magicListTuple] = myDictionary.get(magicListTuple, 0) + 1

# Cevag pbqrf jvgu havdhr uvagf

# Print codes with unique hints

for listComprehension, magicList in emptyList:

    if myDictionary[tuple(magicList)] == 1:


# Resulting print is [3, 2, 3, 9]

For some reason, the www/save folder that is included with the .rar file doesn't let players save, 

the solution for this is to delete the www folder and its contents, then create a new folder called www and then

create a new folder inside of that one called save.

So, the file structure/path would look like /{save location}/www/save
with the Pantheon_Update_2.exe not in www or save.