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Lucky Paradox is kinda similar to this, Although the similarity is only having some sort of mystery in the game aside from that there is no similarity, this game doesn't have many contenders from its genre aside from Doki Doki(But in general Im not well verse in this genre, so I'm probably wrong)

Lol rip I too have been there before my guy and it's fucking suck

So TAL;DR my run is ruin?

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How to play the game/What girl am I supposed to focus on?

***!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!***

 When I was playing I focus on Makoto(is that her name?)/Glasses nerd girl, also the other 2 girls that I "focused" on was rock girl and delinquent girl, but when I was playing most of the event that triggered in the game was from Ayane and the Niece/sister girl. Am I doing something wrong? Why did I get a BJ from Ayane when I didn't even start any event with her aside from the bathroom incident from the beginning.

 And what's up with delinquent girl "Kiss" events? We barely talk to each other, I mean I only get 2(or was it 3?) cutscene with her and all of them was just short talk which really didn't lead to anywhere but this event suddenly happen after my "date" with Makoto, and apparently my MC like her?even tho nothing much really happen between them.

Anyway this is my real problem and what decide me to ask here, what triggered the weird girl to talk about the weird stuff in the world? This really ruin my experience with the game. When I was playing an event suddenly triggered where the Shrine girl say don't build harem, something about disliking the two of me and some other weird stuff, but I didn't step into that plotline yet, I mean it was just begun with the Kiss from that delinquent girl, you know the part with the Glitched  Perfectly normal scene, I didn't even start any harem (yet) nor start anything with her, so she suddenly barged in my office and spouting some weird nonsense at me, it was really fucking weird until I connect the dot, So do I need to focus on her plotline first to not make this event awkward/weird? or is there some other girl that I supposed to focused on?

Ye, I know my guy 

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Didn't this game has 10 or more episode or something? or was I blind?

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Can't wait for Kate and Alice route, Melissa route was the best so far picking any other route after I was done with Melissa was heartbreaking, knowing that she will masturbate alone and complaining about life while drinking wine is kinda sad, and NGL I don't like Amy route since Kate is just a better redhead, maybe the concept of Amy just doesn't connect with me.

I think Kate route is still in the development since there is only like 5 images in her gallery

The character is really good, especially Luna(best girl) but Gracie is good too, I especially like the scene where she distrusts the MC, the placement of the lamppost is perfect and their position, not getting close each other even when she said it was just a "joke" reflect how there is still distrust among them. Isabel is ok and Cordia is cool (・ω<) but Wilfred will still take the second best girl place and Joey will take the third. 

Bruh that name

How is the bartending mechanic going o

Charlotte is best girl, her french banter with the MC is so cute >////<

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Here is a sneak peek of Tanja route Link, that's literally what I felt when I was "dating" her. 

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The teacher have a kid, so she probably have a husband somewhere either he ran away to the  death realm or left her. btw if u didn't know u can bang her in the bar.

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0/10 can't have romance with bart not even bro talk there is no point anymore. Im joking this game is pretty good 9/10 if you ask me Ashley and Maria is my fav tbh and there is so many little detail for the interaction it's very well made. Btw the no ntr thing yeah he is lying you can sorta have ntr with the teacher.

Very relaxing although it could use a tad bit animation but it's a lofi so all is nice and relaxing