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my question too

Love the theme, though I'm really confused by your genetrauma section. Basically reading through it and don't know what i would roll when you get a genetrauma from an Advantation. it sems liek it's all mixed up in enemy generation too which makes it hard to parse. 

Perhaps a colored box behind the text for exactly what tables you roll on for a genetrauma.

unless you are talking horses, no adventurer is traveling 18 miles in a day let alone 24.

thank you Colin.

Hi Colin,

I GM'd through the intro scenario, had a blast. 

I'm now checking out the delve randomiser and well please forgive my silly questions.

so i rolled a cairn, and the first area i rolled an obstacle "Dense roots bar the path, halts movement" that makes sense, the player needs to work out a way around or through them. 

though what about the Obstacle "Flooded passage, slows movement" i'm unsure about this as slowed movement aint so bad unless you have enemies chasing you or you are time limited.

Am I right are you just rolling once, per area? 

How would you play out this flooded room?

Lastly, do you intend to write any further adventures for RuneCairn?

Many thanks Colin, i've really enjoyed what ive read and my play so far.


can you please maake selected items way more pronounced. i pulled in a deck of cards and it was almost impossible to know if a card was selected.

Really nice picross implementation. 

Didn't read a single word of your narrative though, that doesn't interest me in my picross games.

just found this. looks interesting. are you still developing it?

repeating the person from a year ago. There’s is scrambled text in the map. I assume it’s meant to say rumours or something but displays as gibberish. 

This is awesome

nice, i want to make something like this next.

Its pretty common nowadays.

is there an option for the line thickness between the hexes... or no line at all?