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I genuinely Enjoyed this, reminded me of Replay I Recommend that as well

Still Love what you are creating I am very excited for moreeeeee !!!!!

The Meat Man Came For Us 

Just cleaning up this mess lol

This was a fun game let me know if there are any secret endings

I enjoy TALKING to all the Patrons in the Café Telling them about all the missing people HAHA

I got sooooo Stuck on one of the Puzzles to later Find out I glitched something out LOL

Ya This Game is SKIBIDI strange lol

So That's Why Its Called The Floor Is Breathing LoL

LOVE This Concept

This game makes me feel competitive

This made me feel unsettled

Short Sweet and to the point what more would you want

I did it, I went down the slide in the woods haha

The Stalking The Stalking lol Well made

Something about human like Inanimate objects always great for Horror

The Screams and floating arms lol this was a FUN playthrough!

This Game Really Blew me out of the Water and it DOES FEEL LIKE a AAA Horror Game. Excited for chapter 2!!!

This was an Adventure Indie Horror at its finest

This needs to be a full Length game with multiple maps Love the Idea!

I really Do Love These Body Cam Horror Games!

Its a classic Psychological horror Game, Bravo!

The Jump scares in this almost made me fall through my green screen 

This game reminds me of "THE NEVERHOOD" brings back my childhood

Love the updates TRIED a TAKE NO DAMAGE Run it was a terrible idea

I Found this man, Worth the BUY!

This was well made a GrEAT use of the Mickey Domain Haha

Was more difficult than I expected and definitely gave me anxiety

This Very Much Reminded me of Visage. Love the hyper realism

PLEASE Make More Games Like This! You really did a great job I didn't expect this to make me jump, I was wrong lol

I am Very Much down to play the full version when it comes out.

This Game Truly had me dumbfounded with what was happening lol