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YES! The Virtual Boy was the primary inspiration for the game. The finished version of the game will probably have better visuals with more colors and other qol improvements so when that comes I hope the colors won't be too violently painful :D

Thanks for the feedback! About the mythical 3rd button, it pretty much has no use in this version.  It was initially meant to switch the gem you were using and I was originally going to add three different gems to use, but that was ultimately scrapped due to time constraints :P. I was going to make the game web based, and it probably would have led to much better traffic, but ClickTeam Fusion hates HTML5 exporting and a lot of the features like particles just didn't function at all. Not only that, but there were also a ton of bugs in that version where I decided to scrap the idea because I didn't want people playing a nearly unplayable version of the game (Keep in mind I was trying to upload 2 hours before the jam ended). I plan on releasing a full version of the game down the line that will fix all of the issues as well as add a ton more content, levels, etc. so look out for that when it comes out.

Thanks! The blue ability, the ice gem, stops time. This lets you both take out enemies easier as well as max your heal cooldown so you can regen after you unfreeze. I will admit I should have made it more obvious. The difficulty is definitely something that I should have tweaked as well. Half of the time when I was playing even I couldn't complete the levels. I'll be sure not to make it impossible when I release a more complete version of the game.

This game is great, I love the atmosphere.

Nice gameplay loop! I really like the particles in the game. They definitely add a lot to the character of the game.

This game is great! With good art and even better music, it makes for an all around great experience.

This game is so polished! I love the graphics and the filters applied to the game.

Loved this game! The boss fight was especially done well.

Love the pixel art for this game! The music is top notch as well. I really like the balance between stamina and health, where the game doesn't feel easy, but also isn't impossible.

Very cool game! I like the concept and if it was expanded upon I think this would make a great game

Thanks! Level 2 was one of my favorite parts of the game to make.

I'm glad you liked the game! I was mainly inspired by the Virtual Boy with the artstyle and stuck to a more pixelated style. The changing colors idea came later on when I decided I wanted to add the gem(s) as special weapons into the game.

Thanks! I definitely spent most of my time doing graphics/music because I specialize in those areas. It got to the point where I had all this extra artwork; animations, characters, etc. that I had to cut a lot of it from the game so I could release a semi-bugfree version on time XD