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Very fun game.  The level design was spot on too.  I did get hit quite a few times as soon as I spawned in, and could do nothing about it.  Maybe it would be helpful to add a 2 or 3 second invincibility on spawn, so that the player doesn't lose health from just spawning into the next level.  Other than that, I really like the game, and plan to come back for more!!

Well done!  Very well thought out puzzles.  I was even stumped on a couple of them for a little bit!  I felt the movement was very smooth, and the controls were simple enough to understand.  The concept of typing in the correct words to complete the map is a very fun one.  Again, very well done here!

This is a very well polished game!  Great job on the aesthetic, and in keeping the theme through all of the artwork.  Very well done!  The only critique I would have is that the map of the graveyard, is a bit confusing.  The map shows the King's grave between the middle and the bottom rows, but in the game his grave is between the top and middle (according to the pumpkins on the map for orientation).  I eventually found the right grave, but defiled many others along the way. lol  Other than that, very fun game!  

Awesome! I'm glad I could help.

Wow!  What a fun concept! I really enjoyed the game, but there were a few spots that I was getting frustrated that I couldn't get to because the leg would collide with the smallest bit of the ledge.  Also, at the beginning of level 2 I fell and hit the spikes, then the game just kept spawning me on the the spikes, and I died immediately each time I spawned.  That one is pretty game breaking.  

I really enjoyed playing this game.  However, I couldn't find the last two pieces of garbage.  I don't know if they just spawned outside the play area, inside a tree, or if I just missed them.  So I didn't get to see how it ends.  I also feel that the picker action is too precise.  It is a bit hard to grab the garbage at times, especially when the white dot disappears when I try to collect the garbage.  Other than those minor issues, it was a good game!  Good job!