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Sir Cephalopod

A member registered Mar 10, 2021

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hitbox is so stupid, i can barely dodge the fucking golem

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Its hard to move between screens too

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some instruction that pops up when i grab the egg keeps rapidly appearing despite me just holding it

also i cant actually see the instructions unless i put it in the bowl

why does mario die if a single goomba lightly grazes him

got soft locked :(

can't figure out the second one
doesn't appear to work properly

ok lmao i do not get the twist ending

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theres some bug where some... thing will persist on screen

yeah it seems like the eaten bullets stay on screen, static for me sometimes

this aint working for me

very cool mechanic. i actually wish this game was longer, because i enjoyed the game that much

in the level with "fly!" the hitboxes are too big. it is causing me to die where i shouldn't.


oof it removed my pass again

cool game


so cool that IF it was longer i would play all of it

i had a similar bug
after i died to a boss, it dissapeared and the save state was also odd. flynn had the dialogue from before getting the pass.

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic bug

there is a bug where it'll mess with my progress and also erase the metro pass

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so when i try to swing, it brings up the message (you can  only swing once in the air) when i try to swing in the air and cancels the swing mid click. moving back and forth or waiting a few seconds and then attempting it seems to temporarily fix it 

ok... as of editing this comment, its relatively fine. is it intended that you can only swing 1 time in the air at a time?

oops. edit 2: its back

i believe there is a bug that doesnt allow you to swing properly.

i cant turn

like at all
also keyboard doesnt work

not too hard except for the purple apples, there is too many
there is a rush of them during the blue key area

yeah but

that was the problem the [Q] key wasnt working 
it erased from my inventory and kept going back to the new weapon

it deletes my previous weapon when i get a new one : (
also i think the ice wand is not doing any damage

also glutmon went missing

ok i agree with the person who wants to get rid of some collisions

i got pushed out of the area

ive become invincible

hmm... its been a while since ive played but i think its possible
i believe i kept jumping on the ceiling or i was pretty fast

when does the game end? i have a black screen but i dont know if its the end

does that mean everyone the protagonist knows at that time has 12 digits total lol

i cant find rabbits lol

if i press quit it defaults to a black screen, basically stopping me from making any progress

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after i defeated the boss it bugged and  now there was like, 1 enemy

i can only play the web version lol

andddd it erased my progress. great

hmm..... which room? i found myself in a similar predicament once

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yes, when i try to help him, the counter goes down too fast  for it to reach four. the best i can reach is 3 by placing a berrie down late after the golem  places one

edit: i passed the stage but its still sort of hard

is it just me, or is the second test REALLY hard to figure out
i can teach the golem, but its too slow

im stuck on the small room level
and like, two others

controls too hypersensitive

help i cant attack anybody, is this bugged

game was good. story was intresting

not very good in my opinion
game got annoying rather then hard