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Enjoyed the premise - mechanics and storyline at play here...although I didn't really understand why a police officer would be attending a call with just a camera! Were they a forensics expert, by any chance? ;)


  • Engaging atmosphere, as soon as you enter the apartment you feel claustrophobic and tense
  • Enjoyed the storyline (hidden tapes that showcase the serial killer preying on his victims, etc)
  • Has the aesthetic of 'Deppart' and 'Unrecord' with the camera/bodycam element.


  • Perhaps it was just me, but had a hard time trying to see what the polaroid picture was in the desk. At first I didn't realise it was the picture, thought there was writing in the polaroid but couldn't zoom the camera in whilst I had the picture selected.
  • A few grammatical errors with the newspaper article
  • Standard head-sway setting seemed a little 'floaty' 

Overall, thought this was a great indie horror experience, combining realistic situations with ethereal elements. My take away was that the victim's spirit was trying to warn the police officer, and would like to see this expanded in a future iteration - also a breath of fresh air to see a benevolent spirit instead of a malevolent one, if that was indeed the case! 

No problem at all - I always want to give detailed feedback to developers, constructive criticism as well as praise! I can really see this turning into something with a lot more 'bite' to excuse the pun, and hope to see more of your work in the future!  

In the whole 'working at a convenience store late at night' genre, this had a lot of potential - the mechanic of serving burgers/taking orders was great. Especially the impatient customers! However, I found the story to be lacking - especially as our colleague was supposed to be missing? Ending was a little abrupt, but I enjoyed the concept and mechanics at play.


  • Short and to the point, this is another fine addition to the 'late night working' genre
  • Great atmosphere, makes you feel isolated and alone in the workplace
  • Would work great as a prologue - perhaps if there was a sequel we could pick up after this colleague went missing?


  • Objects could be defined more - had trouble opening the door to begin with, items not highlighted to see if they could be interacted with apart from radio, window etc 
  • More coherent storyline would have had a greater impact on the gameplay - why was no-one giving the new person information/instruction? If you had just started a job wouldn't you find it a little strange with no-one in the workplace? Or no messages by colleagues, etc.
  • Abrupt ending

Great to hear - really enjoyed it and if you ever need an English proof reader to go over stuff just let me know! You're making the game, which takes time and resources so I understand the complexities involved! 

I really hope you expand upon this lore with your next one - it was really atmospheric and tense!

I'm probably showing my age but I remember the Kinder egg commercial. Think it came out in 1983 but I seem to remember watching this as a kid - or maybe it was on a Tarrant on TV type of show. Terrifying, none the less. Dammit, why don't they make commercials like that anymore?

I enjoyed the overall feeling of this game, but thought it got a little convoluted with regards to the narrative. Amy already knew she had done something wrong at the beginning, right? She makes a statement that maybe she should go back and see the guy on the first or second day, I believe. So was there a doppelganger/upside down version of herself doing this? Or was there a whole 'maybe she's crazy' element involved? I liked how it played out though, left a little bit of ambiguity for people to decide.


  • Atmospheric, with a subtext of mystery involved throughout 
  • Great mechanic with the clapping design 


  • Few typos and wording issues 
  • Little convoluted at times with regards to storyline 

Great game - hope to see more in the future!

A short, sweet and saccharine experience (just don't eat anything inside the diner.) Even with its short length there was an ethereal terror element involved that kept me engrossed.


  • Short, but for what it lacked in longevity more than made up in atmosphere and shock value
  • Sound design was key in creating the ambiance and was very craftily made 


  • Invisible walls distilled my immersion a little - in the fact that you couldn't go behind the diner at the beginning 
  • Stinky toilet is stinky. Holly could have washed her hands at the sink afterwards, at least...

Toilet humour at its finest! ;)

At first I thought the Old Man was going to be a red herring, and the weird hobo would have had more to do with the story, but overall I would never have thought this was your first game! Well done - perhaps there will be a sequel where we find out more about the loo dungeon and its origins...

Note: The frame-rate seemed to stutter on my recording (OBS) inside the motel room and inside the loo dungeon. As I was playing it was fine, so put this down to my recording rather than the game framerate.


  • Gotta love a creepy Motel setting - enjoyed that when clicking on pretty much anything there was either a humorous annotation or sarky comment 
  • Generally didn't know what to expect from this - which is a rarity and befit my macabre sense of humour. 
  • Managed to find 2 of the 3 endings, but 2 out of 3 'aint that bad. 


  • Would have enjoyed a little more character interaction with Greg and main protagonist - or made things more of a mystery with a few other characters in the motel
  • Don't drink lemonade from a vending machine, I guess.

Short, sweet and succinct


  • Good build up 
  • SCP type shenanigans at play
  • Large desolate area conveys feelings of being lost and alone 


  • Felt there could have been more interactivity with the area
  • Final 'reveal' didn't have the impact was leading up to
  • Given more time, this could have a creepypasta type story attached to it - liked the fact the player was a burglar but didn't have much character arc, etc.
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That was a sweet, succinct Escape Room/horror experience!

The puzzles were challenging (for me at any rate!) and the whole lore kept me thoroughly engaged!


  • Engrossing storyline, fed through the web chat with the other neighbours - drip feeding the player into an uncertain and perilous journey
  • Puzzles were challenging and inventive - although the flat/apartment was small, it didn't take long for the 'ol brain stems to work out the logic of the puzzles. 
  • Great soundtrack
  • Short enough to leave the player wanting more


  • Although the game was very ambiguous as to what was really going on in the apartment, I wanted to find out more of what this 'mass' was. Not especially a con to be honest - as I would always want to be left wanting more from a game rather than the opposite, but in this instance there was just so many questions left unanswered.

I really hope you make a sequel to this game!


Although the concept of 'working late at night at [INSERT SHOP HERE] has probably gone past the saturation point now, it's always good to see a 616 game. Instantly makes you feel you're in an 80's horror movie. 

With games like 'Rewind or Die' out on the scene at the moment, feel like this could have been explored a little more - the Bloody Woman's storyline, or having a short cause a fire in the laundromat. 


  • Sets the scene immediately and gets you full into the lore and story of the Bloody Woman.
  • Slow build-up and tension
  • Strange characters and interactions


  • Think the door needed to open outwards of the laundromat instead of inwards. Bloody door kept on swinging open and closed anytime you went near it!
  • A lot of the words were repeated or sentence structure in dialogue may have needed a little proofreading. Didn't slip off the tongue very well
  • The jump scare didn't really hit home for me. Knew it was coming (Can you actually run away from her?)

Overall, although it didn't have the scare factor that I was anticipating, another job well done!

Feed me Seymour!

I particularly liked the tension and mechanic of having to hear the prisoners crying out when the monster devoured them and then cleaning up afterwards. Who would sleep in the next room to that abomination! There's also so much lore that is left ambiguous...who is the company the player is working for? Why are they locked down there for days at a time? 

I always give my videos pros and cons on and are only my findings after having played and digested the game. I think anyone who can put together a game deserves all the praise regardless of any critiques, and will always give constructive criticism.


  • Atmospheric and tension fuelled game with a lot of scope - this could really be utilised as a full 2-3 hour game with layered characters and logs on the computer
  • Subverts your expectations and anticipation - something that is cleverly interwoven with the sci-fi/horror element
  • Great mechanics at play, from the isolated feeling of having matt as your only confidante, opening the prisoner doors and cleaning the guts when the monster has had its feeding time.


  • Unfortunately the ending seemed a little rushed/jumpscare was too telegraphed. Would have loved for something like the door to jam or something go wrong and the player would have to solve a puzzle to fix it.
  • Think there was a missed opportunity with regards to the prisoners. It would have created more dramatic tension if the player got to know them a little more. This is more of a nit-picky issue from me, but to have the prisoner's files on the computer and maybe interact with them would heighten the guilt from the player as to feeding them to the monster. Could have played around with this psychological element a little more.
  • Think there could have been other tasks to complete in-between the feeding of the monster and reading emails, to create a higher tension or for puzzle elements. 

Overall I loved Entity room - had an SCP vibe throughout and dynamics that have really elevated since Driving Home and Missing Hiker. Would have loved for this to go on longer - to find out more about Matt, the institution that the player is working for, interactions with the prisoners and puzzle elements thrown into the gameplay, this has so much potential that I hope the developer makes a sequel. Can't wait for the next one! 

For a moment I thought Mark Hamill was narrating the bunny!

This seemed to be some sort of fever dream nightmare that I really dug - the tension of Ellie collecting the eggs in an almost innocent way juxtaposed by Dye The Bunny constantly cajoling her to DYE. THE. BUNNY. was an interesting premise. 

I always give my videos pros and cons on and are only my findings after having played and digested the game. I think anyone who can put together a game deserves all the praise regardless of any critiques, and will always give constructive criticism. 


  • Tension fuelled fever Dream/ Precisely what ya need for the Bank Holiday weekend ;)
  • Ambiguous characters/endings - had a kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe, mixed with a Kafka nightmare
  • Great voice over work and soundscape 


  • Wasn't entirely sure if the 'Dye The child' area was meant to hold some information or was just atmospheric setting. Perhaps a mechanic could be implemented here or a puzzle for the player to solve to progress?
  • Wasn't sure where to go after reading the red book, didn't realise there was a staircase next to the table. More my own fault than anything else but perhaps a little note by the bunny indicating the path would have been preferable.

Overall - a great experience and can't wait for the next one!

Very unsettling adaptation of the short Creepypasta involving the hunter in the woods at night. Had the feel of the film Barbarian - was wondering if there would be something nasty lurking in the basement!


  • Aesthetically very unsettling, feels like you're being watched continuously and waiting for the shoe to drop, so to speak
  • Great adaptation of lore
  • Low poly horror 


  • Would have liked to find out more about the Davidson's, or about the pictures themselves. 
  • Hit box detection on the doors is a little large - kept getting stuck trying to walk through doors.
  • People with fears going to the toilet should not play! ;)

Like Driving Home, Missing Hiker builds slow foreboding tension for the relatively short playthrough - you do have the sense that someone or SOMETHING is about to pop out from the woods...


  • Slow build horror 
  • With a couple of jump scares (one got me, the other didn't) you'll be questioning things after the credits have rolled - ambiguous ending leaves questions for the player which I enjoyed
  • Each new episode from the developer shows growth and intrigued to find out what's next 


  • Shame that there isn't more to do with the car - its a great mechanic but maybe something could be utilised with it for a future episode?
  • Apart from interacting with the people in the gas station and the other NPC, ending felt a little rushed with regards to investigating brother's disappearance. Walking between scenes seemed a tad long. Understand this was to create tension though.
  • Story could have been developed a little more - felt that the relationship between the siblings could have been expanded upon, or that notes left by the brother could be clues creating even more tension. 


Ah, I've been away for the last couple of days - just saw this. Have changed the settings - feel free to try again!

Loving the games coming out from this Dev - 

Watch the video here:

The narrative immersion grabs you as soon as the game starts and the genuine feeling of anxiety from meeting the first tribesperson generally made me feel unsettled throughout the whole course of the game. 

Unfortunately on this playthrough I didn't get the secret ending, (without spoilers) was there anything in the game that would have revealed the code to the lockbox? I think I may have missed it!


  • Rich and detailed narrative - providing a sense of uneasiness and foreboding throughout the adventure.  
  • The mystery of the island and its inhabitants is a very talked about subject at the moment, with Cordyceps being a main theme. Has a stylised sense of Andrei Tarkovsky about it.
  • Sleep Mechanic, just like in Pleonexia is a great addition to an already highly stressful situation. Great DS feel to the whole thing, with text being at the bottom and illustrative screens on top. 


  • My character was named Hugh ;)
  • Was there a way to find the combination of the lock box in-game? 'Digging' the Metal Gear Solid fourth wall breaking, and I may have missed it from some other clue, but on first impression felt like I'd missed something pivotal and important. 

Can't wait for the next one! Also @whilegameisfalse if you would like an anthology of similarly creepy stories, DM me over at twitter @horrorable666!

I did get your YouTube feedback, thanks for that! 

It definitely made me feel uneasy! Ah, I thought I saw the puzzle and thought it would needed to be solved as soon as possible, it did cause me headaches (in a good way) as I'm not particularly great at logic/sliding tile type puzzles. Managed to crack it in the end though! Oh I certainly got the whole slow build up of the horror, particularly with the way things were going with the townsfolk and the story pieces falling into place. I thought the pacing was great, I actually missed a few cues to begin with (i.e. in the store room and window at the bedroom) that may have left some more breadcrumb trails for my brain to decipher. 

With regards to the visual bug, it was more post editing wise that I had a problem with. I should have just used the smaller screen and blew it up in post, but I was about half way through when I realised my mistake - so that one was on me! Look forward to the next one! 

This was a deeply unsettling game that resonated with me long after playing. The way the addicted townsfolk became increasingly 'less human' after each day and their wanton need for the fish was a great draw. The fishing mechanic and time element also ramped up the tension and anxiety, and for someone that does not get on with logic puzzles the puzzle box and coded vault door were exemplary efforts of puzzle solving in an indie game. Looking forward to more narrative driven games from you!


  • Rich narrative with secret bonus ending if you put in the time 
  • Mechanics that will keep the player on edge and also drive the journey forward 
  • Loved the 'low-grade' ROM style approach - bringing point 'n click back into the limelight.


  • Think there could have been a little more impact with the main protagonist character and his son. Although the player is treated to dream sequences that have memories of the son, until the Mayor explains his dastardly scheme I wasn't aware that he had been kidnapped and what my overall goal was
  • Not really much a con, but I wanted to know MORE about Pleonexia. Perhaps in the kitchen there could be a daily newspaper from the mailman that gives a little more story to the people that live there and enrichens the world building already at play.
  • Ending could be perceived as a little ambiguous if not finding out the vault code.

I always try to give constructive criticism to each game I play, but the cons for this one are trivial in comparison to the overwhelming feeling of dread, uneasiness and plot involved in Pleonexia. I want to know more about the town, dammit!

Great game! 

The apartment complex was indeed a scary setting - constructive criticism below:


  • Good use of sound design - the unnerving lack of any ambient music really immersed this player in the 'real' setting of the apartment complex.
  • The mechanic of having the player put up flyers gave this user a sense of purpose - most indie horror games have you going to 'place A' for a reason, but that's usually to find a lost brother or sister, etc. The fact that going up every floor had purpose behind it. 
  • As this user ascended each floor, things were starting to go a little 'strange' and the nail head baby and crayon graffiti was a nice touch.


  • Wasn't a fan of the floaty head movement. Understand that this creates a sense of movement without moving and immersion, but this user thinks that the 'bobbiness' could be turned down a few levels. Especially when trying to hit the elevator buttons.
  • The monster being 'half seen' in the elevator was creepy, but seeing it on the TV brought this user out of the experience. A lot to be said about 'show, don't tell' with this particular instance.
  • Ambiguous storytelling - It was this user's understanding that the crayon graffiti created a narrative, possibly about a couple who brought their son into the apartment block and ended up throwing him off the roof, but this wasn't really explored. Did the father become the monster after he hung himself? Felt like a few notes alluding to this throughout the character's journey to the 9th floor could have made this narrative a little tighter.

Not a con as such, but I think it would have immersed the user experience by having the main character question why he was still putting up flyers (say around the 5th floor.) If you were in the same situation, would you really still be putting up flyers in a crack house after you'd seen some of the things in that building!?!? Even if there was a throwaway comment it would have immersed the player into the role a little more. Other than that, a great experience and hope to see more in the future!

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I love the Fears to Fathom series! From trivial tasks like picking up groceries, feeding the dog and installing antivirus software, the developer Rayll has created tension from these small chores that continuously mounts dread until the 'bad things start happening.' This game doesn't rely on jump scares which a lot of indie games do, which is a blessing when the atmosphere is so lavishly thick with eeriness throughout. 

It's also great to see that each instalment of the series is gaining new mechanics and story. The original Home Alone (not to be confused with the Macaulay Culkin films) had the initial vibe of someone knocking at your door and not knowing who it was, but this ramps up the dial exponentially. Looking forward to seeing the next episodic content. Incidentally, I failed to survive the night ;)


  • Mounting dread as opposed to jump scares
  • Great storytelling, rich with detail and environments
  • Emotionally invested, especially when you meet the dog!


  • Proofreading may need focus on the next instalment 
  • Potentially an extended episode of the first game
  • Although the mechanics were great, it felt like something more could be done (i.e. with the cameras) and perhaps a little puzzle solving to be introduced

A great game, with great atmosphere! Highly recommended!

Eerie and unsettling, the claustrophobic nature of being weighed down in the copper headed deep sea diving gear really immerses the player in the depths. There is an unnatural feeling of always being watched and the sounds were really immersive. Would have loved to have seen more and possibly come across notes and lore from the Intrepid Explorer - think there could have been a rich backstory of the fate of the crew and how the ship was actually sunk. Great indie game, looking forward to more in the future.


  • Unsettling and claustrophobic vibe in the depths of the ocean - continually feel like you're being watched by an ethereal presence.
  • Although the format is simplistic (walk to here, grab this, come back) the tension is palpable with the reveal of the spider crab, ghost pirates and the ship itself.
  • Sound design is great
  • Don't walk off into the abyss!


  • Felt like some of the deaths were a little cheap (the pathway below the crate when the fish are after you should be highlighted a little easier)
  • Instead of sending the player all the way back to the start, maybe there could be a check point implemented?
  • Perhaps the lanterns could be replaced with some kind of bio luminance fish life - would the Intrepid Explorer's lanterns still be lighted underwater after it had sunk? Trivial side note though 

Here's to swimming with bow-legged women!

Great to see another chapter of Midnight Scenes - immensely enjoyed The Highway and The Goodbye note. As a fan of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, there is a real sense of macabre storytelling with the Midnight Scenes games. The Highway was a short but sweet introduction, and puzzle elements really came into effect with The Goodbye Note. 

The Nanny encapsulates the 80's nostalgic exploitation flicks of that era, with a foreboding ethereal sense throughout. Although I was a little disappointed with the lack of puzzles with The Nanny, I felt that I was taken on a journey of which was left with an ambiguous ending. I hope to see another episode in 2023!


Excellent story driven gameplay 

Ambiguous horror that leaves the player to decide what really happened

Great pixel artwork 

Great soundtrack


Lack of puzzles

Linear gameplay - would have liked to been able to explore more of the area

Think the ending was a little abrupt, but a trivial issue compared to the whole experience 

Great work!

A bleak but incredibly morally ambiguous game that makes you think about the seemingly innocent child-hood game of Battleships. Mike Klubnika once again brings a startling and industrial mood to Concrete Tremor and immerses the player in a no-win and despondent world. Bravo!


Incredible setting - conjures the player into a grey moralistic world

Soundtrack and Mortis style narration gives the sense that the player is in another world, but strangely familiar and bleak

Although linear in gameplay, the illusion of deciding the outcome rings heavy


Would have liked the 'battleship' board to have both letters and numbers across it

At first wasn't sure whether the 'pegs' were buildings or already flattened buildings from another game.

Overall, another fine gem from Klubnika! Looking forward to the next one! 

Enjoyed the premise and the sounds involved - very eerie and strange with a warped sense of humour. 


Excellent VO and art style at the beginning of the game 

Eerie setting with ambient sounds that make you feel on edge

Truly unsettling monsters that wind up behind you/in a room 


VO of the guy that knocks on the door needs to be improved - each sentence was getting cut off at the end 

Not sure what I needed to do after spraying and cleaning the Deerhead. 

Warping back to the beginning every death seemed a little protracted - maybe a save system after the guy knocks on the door?

Overall a nice little indie game - Happy New Year!

Well that was heart-wrenching...

2D Animation was spot on, perfect for the narrative of the story. My failings at physics based games created additional longevity to this, to the point of nearly rage quitting, but all in all I thought this was a valiant effort by the developer


Emotional narrative

Simple and effective Physics puzzle design

Great Soundtrack/Animation

Left me wanting more!


Too short

Really enjoyed this one...

Sound design was great, there were a few moments when the gurgling of Beelzebub's stomach made me look around like a frightened cashier late at night. From the main gas station door opening to the chirping of cicada's, the atmosphere was greatly elevated by the sound. 


Short, sharp and sweet. Not too convoluted to get confused by anything, simple design premise and execution.

Multiple endings - to be honest I would have fled on the bike after the second prompt but knew that was the coward's way out!

Sound Design - as mentioned before, the atmosphere is really set from the getgo - I expected a few 'gotcha!' cheap scares, but the jumps that came were from my own inability to see things in front of me


Story could do with a little more fleshing out. Let's get to know the main character and why he would stay when paranormal events are happening around him. Although there is an option to leave, apart from the 'I'll lose my job' aspect, I think there should be some other external force keeping him there? Perhaps a friend/girlfriend wants to meet him at their 'special place' in the cornfields, etc. Also, there's some great lore with the 'elder gods,' but more could be done with this. Perhaps at the start of the evening shift more information (such as a radio, additional characters entering the store, notes left around in place) could expand the reason for the ctacombs existing in the first place.

Character moves a little too slow - not suggesting a run button but think the character could certainly benefit from 'striding' a little faster.

Although following a trail of blood or tyre marks I think some gamers wouldn't be able to locate the skull at the end of the road - perhaps a little comment by the character could alleviate any confusion by where the player needs to go next. 

All in all, a great gem of a horror game - can't wait for the next one!

Great, atmospheric demo - the game within a game mechanic led to some nail biting tension and JUST WHAT IS THE RED BLOB GLITCH THINGY?

Slow build up entering the arcade centre, but when that trashcan fell over...oooh boy. Looking forward to the finalised version!

Very unique and clever spin on the Escape The Room/PT genre

The sound design and the minimalistic space makes this a head scratcher and also has great replayability value as the player feels an almost insatiable desire to unlock all the endings. The whole concept of going down a level to 'turn back time' and possibly rectify mistakes is cleverly incorporated into the gameplay mechanics. 

I never felt that the game was guiding me by the hand, but also never stumped as to what to do next - it was a perfect blend of trying something new and only until the last couple of endings did I ever think that it became trial and error. 


Great atmosphere - liked the nod to Willem Defoe's and Robert Pattinson film The Lighthouse

Great sound design - just goes to show that even with a simplistic idea an environment can be made with sound.

Interesting premise and unique use of a possibly saturated genre - There's a lot of Escape the Room and PT clone games out there, but Latarnia does something truly different to other games of its ilk.


Didn't appear to have sound options. When playing with headphones the sounds did seem to be coming through quite loudly.

May dissuade some folk that are not achievement hunters or want to complete trial and error towards the end 

Great game, really enjoyed the different areas and the choices on offer. 

PROS: David Lynch style aesthetic, some bizarre and truly surreal characters and areas on display here...

Choices - Not sure if picking the chair had any outcome, but the amount of choices immersed me in a way that other indie games hasn't recently.

Story - wanted to find out more about M.Stain and his employees; any chance of a sequel?


I glitched/clipped through Stain's wall and had to restart the game

Would have liked more moralistic choices for end game ranking. Appears that who you kill is the difference between A rank and B rank?

Some of the icons for picking up items seemed a little rudimentary.

Other than that, a great experience!

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This was a great demo teaser for something that hopefully will be a real gem of a game. The photorealistic setting initially reminded me of the first time I played Myst - and then the rest of the atmospheric design totally engrossed me. Very well produced with the sound editing and the sheer magnitude of things being seen (the monolithic creature, Cthulhu's halls of residence, etc) just blew me away. Highly recommended. Thought it was a bold move to introduce some of Lovecraft's beasts so early in the build, but not sure if this is just for the demo?


  1. Engrossing atmosphere, slow burn tension that kept this player engaged and thoroughly entertained.
  2. Great use of the Lovecraftian lore - utilised better then some of the triple A games out currently.
  3. Visually stunning, some awe struck moments.


  1. Puzzle elements currently just seem to be basic fetch quests. Get a key, open a door. Get a talisman, open a blocked path. Would have loved to have seen some a bit more depth on intricate puzzle solving.
  2. Certain pop-in textures did disengage this player when they occurred, but realise that this may be fixed before full game release.
  3. Realise that there's a lot to pack into the demo but the main protagonist mentions his daughter at the beginning and then...nothing much after. Think the player should be reminded what they are playing for throughout the narrative. 

Overall, a damn fine game, sir!  

Great use of sound and 'left messages,' to build up the atmosphere and tension. I'd love to know more about the characters involved and the Lovecraftian horrors that dwell within the facility. Although not a major fan of the PS1 visual aesthetic, Hamilton created an eerie, creepy vibe throughout, that started with a slow burn and ended with a bittersweet finale. EVERYTHING IS. OK...SEND ASSISTANCE. 

Would love to see more like this - great indie horror game and would definitely recommend. 


  1. Great Build Up and tension
  2. Messages Conveyed throughout the game led to this player genuinely intrigued and wanting to find out more
  3. Sounds and overall aesthetic made a chilling and tense playing experience. 


  1. Brightness setting could be implemented. Inside the facility was a little too dark.
  2. Ending could be considered a little anti-climatic
  3. It's short! (Not really a con but wanted more, dammit!)

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For something that was created within 3-4 days this is great achievement! There's a palpable sense of foreboding terror that ratchets up each passing day. 

Pros: General unease for the player each day, slow burn terror that's hard to accomplish these days.

I like it in these types of games where pretty much every object has a description - just immerses the player into the world

When the 'Samara' girl shows up there can be opportunities for jump scares!

Cons: Feel that the character walks too slow.

Some of the 'quests' are a little derivative - such as turning off all the lights, etc.

Ending was a little anticlimatic. Would have loved a bit more story to find out about the girl and why the main character was staying at the house.

Overall - great short horror experience. Will follow what you do next!

Watch my playthrough here:  

Although not a major fan of the rogue-lite mechanic, I was drawn into the world of Nobody's home with the storyline and trying to find out what had happened. The collectibles to progress further felt justified rather than forced, and the multiple endings had me playing again to find out what the overall story would be. The fighting mechanic seemed a little tacked on, and a few trial and error elements were a little grating, but overall a recommended experience!

Check out my playthrough here:

Loved the Voxel-based visual art style, ala Westwood's Bladerunner, and downloaded this based on the idea. Story was well established, with scripted sequences bringing a real weight to the world created. Shooting segments were a fun distraction and liked the fact that there were a couple of different endings. Those who enjoy Bioshock/Infinite/BladeRunner will definitely enjoy this game. Looking forward to the next project!

Check out my playthrough here:

Loved the aesthetic and the sound design - really felt that you were a blue collared guy just going about his business until shenanigans hit. Nods to Alien, 50's sci-fi films in general and creepy atmosphere. Would have liked to have gotten to know more of the crew, especially with names. Great art direction, great SFX - an enjoyable 30 minute romp in space!

WHEN IS EPISODE 3 COMING??? I cannot stress how good this series has been. As a massive Twilight Zone fan, you've hit the nail right on the head with Midnight Scenes. I knew the clock would be a puzzle, but my fuddled mind seemed to look too deeply into it! Well done with another brilliant point and clicker!Check out our playthrough @insideurscreen:

Great episodes - really captured the vibe of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone episodes. The sound design was subtle, yet effective. Thought the Scarecrow was going to come alive towards the end, so well done with playing with expectations sir! Join @insideurscreen as we play through the first episode - with the second coming out soon!

Loved the psychological subservient tone to this game - and the simply dynamics of using a tennis ball to convey philosophical type questions was great.

Hope to see more of this type of mechanic in future games, or an expansion of Sentient where you (possibly) get out of the cell or meet your 'neighbour'...

The unsettling and foreboding atmosphere was really well done, although the ending felt a little anticlimactic. But I guess if the 'subject' was doing this every day, you would start to feel a little crazy...

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It's the night before Valentine's Day.

This game was literally the most apt passive aggressive thing I needed in my life.

As the memories of my own dearly departed Boxer dog sprung to mind, I thought that if he could've spoken, it would have been something similar to Doris. 

Very funny, quirky game. Look forward to your next endeavours. 


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