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Great, atmospheric demo - the game within a game mechanic led to some nail biting tension and JUST WHAT IS THE RED BLOB GLITCH THINGY?

Slow build up entering the arcade centre, but when that trashcan fell over...oooh boy. Looking forward to the finalised version!

Very unique and clever spin on the Escape The Room/PT genre

The sound design and the minimalistic space makes this a head scratcher and also has great replayability value as the player feels an almost insatiable desire to unlock all the endings. The whole concept of going down a level to 'turn back time' and possibly rectify mistakes is cleverly incorporated into the gameplay mechanics. 

I never felt that the game was guiding me by the hand, but also never stumped as to what to do next - it was a perfect blend of trying something new and only until the last couple of endings did I ever think that it became trial and error. 


Great atmosphere - liked the nod to Willem Defoe's and Robert Pattinson film The Lighthouse

Great sound design - just goes to show that even with a simplistic idea an environment can be made with sound.

Interesting premise and unique use of a possibly saturated genre - There's a lot of Escape the Room and PT clone games out there, but Latarnia does something truly different to other games of its ilk.


Didn't appear to have sound options. When playing with headphones the sounds did seem to be coming through quite loudly.

May dissuade some folk that are not achievement hunters or want to complete trial and error towards the end 

Great game, really enjoyed the different areas and the choices on offer. 

PROS: David Lynch style aesthetic, some bizarre and truly surreal characters and areas on display here...

Choices - Not sure if picking the chair had any outcome, but the amount of choices immersed me in a way that other indie games hasn't recently.

Story - wanted to find out more about M.Stain and his employees; any chance of a sequel?


I glitched/clipped through Stain's wall and had to restart the game

Would have liked more moralistic choices for end game ranking. Appears that who you kill is the difference between A rank and B rank?

Some of the icons for picking up items seemed a little rudimentary.

Other than that, a great experience!

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This was a great demo teaser for something that hopefully will be a real gem of a game. The photorealistic setting initially reminded me of the first time I played Myst - and then the rest of the atmospheric design totally engrossed me. Very well produced with the sound editing and the sheer magnitude of things being seen (the monolithic creature, Cthulhu's halls of residence, etc) just blew me away. Highly recommended. Thought it was a bold move to introduce some of Lovecraft's beasts so early in the build, but not sure if this is just for the demo?


  1. Engrossing atmosphere, slow burn tension that kept this player engaged and thoroughly entertained.
  2. Great use of the Lovecraftian lore - utilised better then some of the triple A games out currently.
  3. Visually stunning, some awe struck moments.


  1. Puzzle elements currently just seem to be basic fetch quests. Get a key, open a door. Get a talisman, open a blocked path. Would have loved to have seen some a bit more depth on intricate puzzle solving.
  2. Certain pop-in textures did disengage this player when they occurred, but realise that this may be fixed before full game release.
  3. Realise that there's a lot to pack into the demo but the main protagonist mentions his daughter at the beginning and then...nothing much after. Think the player should be reminded what they are playing for throughout the narrative. 

Overall, a damn fine game, sir!  

Great use of sound and 'left messages,' to build up the atmosphere and tension. I'd love to know more about the characters involved and the Lovecraftian horrors that dwell within the facility. Although not a major fan of the PS1 visual aesthetic, Hamilton created an eerie, creepy vibe throughout, that started with a slow burn and ended with a bittersweet finale. EVERYTHING IS. OK...SEND ASSISTANCE. 

Would love to see more like this - great indie horror game and would definitely recommend. 


  1. Great Build Up and tension
  2. Messages Conveyed throughout the game led to this player genuinely intrigued and wanting to find out more
  3. Sounds and overall aesthetic made a chilling and tense playing experience. 


  1. Brightness setting could be implemented. Inside the facility was a little too dark.
  2. Ending could be considered a little anti-climatic
  3. It's short! (Not really a con but wanted more, dammit!)

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For something that was created within 3-4 days this is great achievement! There's a palpable sense of foreboding terror that ratchets up each passing day. 

Pros: General unease for the player each day, slow burn terror that's hard to accomplish these days.

I like it in these types of games where pretty much every object has a description - just immerses the player into the world

When the 'Samara' girl shows up there can be opportunities for jump scares!

Cons: Feel that the character walks too slow.

Some of the 'quests' are a little derivative - such as turning off all the lights, etc.

Ending was a little anticlimatic. Would have loved a bit more story to find out about the girl and why the main character was staying at the house.

Overall - great short horror experience. Will follow what you do next!

Watch my playthrough here:  

Although not a major fan of the rogue-lite mechanic, I was drawn into the world of Nobody's home with the storyline and trying to find out what had happened. The collectibles to progress further felt justified rather than forced, and the multiple endings had me playing again to find out what the overall story would be. The fighting mechanic seemed a little tacked on, and a few trial and error elements were a little grating, but overall a recommended experience!

Check out my playthrough here:

Loved the Voxel-based visual art style, ala Westwood's Bladerunner, and downloaded this based on the idea. Story was well established, with scripted sequences bringing a real weight to the world created. Shooting segments were a fun distraction and liked the fact that there were a couple of different endings. Those who enjoy Bioshock/Infinite/BladeRunner will definitely enjoy this game. Looking forward to the next project!

Check out my playthrough here:

Loved the aesthetic and the sound design - really felt that you were a blue collared guy just going about his business until shenanigans hit. Nods to Alien, 50's sci-fi films in general and creepy atmosphere. Would have liked to have gotten to know more of the crew, especially with names. Great art direction, great SFX - an enjoyable 30 minute romp in space!

WHEN IS EPISODE 3 COMING??? I cannot stress how good this series has been. As a massive Twilight Zone fan, you've hit the nail right on the head with Midnight Scenes. I knew the clock would be a puzzle, but my fuddled mind seemed to look too deeply into it! Well done with another brilliant point and clicker!Check out our playthrough @insideurscreen:

Great episodes - really captured the vibe of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone episodes. The sound design was subtle, yet effective. Thought the Scarecrow was going to come alive towards the end, so well done with playing with expectations sir! Join @insideurscreen as we play through the first episode - with the second coming out soon!

Loved the psychological subservient tone to this game - and the simply dynamics of using a tennis ball to convey philosophical type questions was great.

Hope to see more of this type of mechanic in future games, or an expansion of Sentient where you (possibly) get out of the cell or meet your 'neighbour'...

The unsettling and foreboding atmosphere was really well done, although the ending felt a little anticlimactic. But I guess if the 'subject' was doing this every day, you would start to feel a little crazy...

Check out our video below 

Twitter: @insideurscreen

It's the night before Valentine's Day.

This game was literally the most apt passive aggressive thing I needed in my life.

As the memories of my own dearly departed Boxer dog sprung to mind, I thought that if he could've spoken, it would have been something similar to Doris. 

Very funny, quirky game. Look forward to your next endeavours. 


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